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Reviews Comments: A Review of a Review Show. Bad Movie Beatdown whole series review by moronvonfiddle

We can do reviews of reviewers? Well isn't THAT a tad redundant...

Anyway, on Film Brain. There's another review about him on here that's all like, "RAH RAH RAH HE'S A BULLY!" Well, yeah, guy has a point. He does tend to be really harsh on movies. But wasn't that the point? Bad Movie BEATDOWN? Each to their own, I guess.

Now, without being hypocritical, Film Brain is one of the many reviewers on TGWTG that does the whole Accentuate the Negative thing, so his subject matter is usually critically mauled films that really need to be beaten down. He does this in a style similar to the NC, which is going along and mocking the movie's flaws as they mount, only Film Brain does this more frequently and with far more sarcasm.

He's got a great sarcastic sense of humour and the usual snark persona of a TGWTG reviewer, but he's really good when it comes to being giddy or excited about something, as seen in Kickassia and Suburban Knights. That doesn't happen a lot on his own show, which is a shame, really, but it's Bad Movie Beatdown not Good Movie Discussion.

Does he have flaws? Well, yes. For one, he has a tendency to drag his words out at the ends of his sentences which can get rather irritating at times, sort of similar to the way Emily Deschanel does as Bones. Also, he shrugs his shoulder a lot, but he's said he'll work on trying to stop that, so fingers crossed. I've also seen many note that his opinions reflect IMDB a lot, which is also true, but the bad films he covers usually have a universally bad reputation anyway, so it's hardly surprising that his opinions would agree with many others.

So is he all that bad? No. Is he a bully? Hell no. But you're all entitled to your own opinion of him, so please don't kill me for writing this.


  • johnnyfog
  • 22nd Mar 12
In all honesty, I used the word "bully" because I thought Film Brain was, first and foremost, cynically trying to get attention for himself, like all lousy critics. But anyway, this is a good review. You shouldn't apologize for your opinions!

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