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Reviews Comments: The only series I've ever read that's left me wanting another sequel. The Hunger Games film/book review by Draezeth

I used to be an avid reader. I tore through Redwall in one day, and Artemis Fowl in two. I've read piles of book of the Redwall series, Lord of the Rings, the Inheritance Cycle, and more, and now I'm writing my own novel. But in all my years of avid-readerness, the Hunger Games is the first to leave me craving another sequel, or to go back and read them again.

The story is rich with unexpected twists, underlying plot points, action, and certainly emotion. Collins really thought this story through when she wrote it. I found myself growing attached to the characters as the story progressed, and found many of them easy to relate to and understand. The spread of madness in the third book was excellent, and believable, followed by the deaths of characters that many other authors would not have had the heart to kill. Finnick's, especially, was unexpected. I also found myself hating President Snow more and more as the books progressed, and even without having lived in Panem my entire life, I shared Katniss' thirst for his blood. Maybe even before she, herself, did.

I dont usually cry when I read books, but this series made me cry not once, but SEVEN times. I counted.

I really only had four problems with this series:

- First, at the beginning of the third book, Katniss was way too negative about everything and everybody for it to be realistic (or she could have been on an exceptionally long... ahem. Yeah, that hadn't occurred to me.)

- Second, after Katniss made such a big deal about Gale's comment on her choice of a husband, she seemed to go with it without a second thought at the end, although the romance itself was believable enough.

- Third is Snow's death. I wanted Katniss to shoot Coin, but I think she could have gone with punching Snow a few times with some "This is for X!", then pulling back, nothing the arrow and saying, "And this is for Prim," and then shooting Coin.

- Fourth, and most serious, is Prim's maturing so quickly. It only got one sentence in the whole series. I would think that, if Katniss' frail and innocent sister had matured to practically her own level, completely losing her innocence, Katniss would make a bigger deal out of it than she did.

But problems aside, this series- as I said before- is amazing. I recommend it to everyone. Everyone.


  • CaligulaSympathizer
  • 1st Mar 12
Yeah, Katniss was way too melodramatic at the beginning. During all that time of moping around, she could've at least made sure that she didn't do it in a ready-to-be-attacked setting.

The romance was a bit iffy. If anything, it's realistic in the way wartime elopements are. But as a wholesome, healthy romance, it's too rushed and stale.

Yes. Snow's death. I cried when Coin died- she was so awesome and practical! But Katniss really should've killed Snow with more violence. After all, he was the one who started the war in the first place.

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