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Reviews Comments: From comments Fan Fic/Naruto Chosen Vessel film/book review by Septimus Heap

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    • REV 6 Pilot - The start may seem similar to Familiarity Ends Contempt, but don't be fooled: they're far from the same. For starters, the Nine-Tails manages to be worse than canon, being a Manipulative Bastard that basically created Naruto by selective breeding of several generations of people so he could get the perfect vessel and used Madara to be sealed in him. He's also not privy to trying to poison Naruto mentally. The new Hidden Demon Village introduced early on is a bit too similar to Orochimaru's modus operanti, but the author promised to explain it in due time. Bonus points for the creative jinchuuriki quirks Naruto was instilled with, in what's probably a completely original way, and the way Jiraiya is dealt with (an experienced, competent ninja, but still someone who can and does commit mistakes). Its production's been stopped for a while now, but it's still a good read.


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