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Reviews Comments: To keep it brief, from a Holmes fan... the movie. Sherlock Holmes episode review by Ayries

An extremely fun film, that is surprisingly true to the canon (just remember: in the stories, Watson is a little unreliable. Keep that in mind and it does actually work), has two great leads (and for that matter, the two actresses playing Mary and Irene are brilliant) and will generally entertain for a couple of hours.

The pacing is a bit off, and some of the editing is kind of conspicuous (decent editing makes you go ooh, that's clever, but brilliant edits are invisible... which they definately aren't here).

And despite all being a bit Hollywood, it does actually have some intelligence. Which was a nice surprise.

Oh, and the soundtrack is to die for.

So yeah. A great film, albeit not 100% faithful.


  • wellinever
  • 29th Dec 09
Ah thank you. Holmesians and Sherlockians have been going crazy without having seen the film and I just wanted to know from a fan whether it was a decent ADAPTATION. I mean as soon as you heard Riche was directing it you had to know it wasn't going to be a word for word redition, but whether it was aweful or not was another matter. Your review was almost exactly what I wanted to know. I shall march into the cinemar fearless now that I have read it.
  • 9th Mar 10

  • RegShoe
  • 9th Mar 10
Just bought the soundtrack on Amazon. How did they manage to get the sound of a Victorian era action film down so well when there where no films made in the Victorian era? ;)
  • LobsterMagnus
  • 26th Mar 12
Oh, the very first films were from that era - just without any sound at all.

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