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Reviews Comments: Pretty fun, in a trippy sort of way. And Yet It Moves game review by troacctid

So I got this game from the Humble Indie Bundle and I thought I'd try it out. I played through the story mode in about 2 hours. It was okay. The gameplay is sort of like a platform game in some parts and more like a puzzle game in other parts, which is always interesting, I suppose.

It has a really cool aesthetic. The visuals, music, and sound all have this distinctive weird, surreal atmosphere that gets more and more colorful as the game progresses. It's the sort of thing that makes pretentious art critics swoon and start gushing about the creativity that you just don't see in mainstream games anymore. So yeah, it's a trip—it's almost more of an experience than a "game", per se.

Well, the story mode is like that, although the extra modes really aren't. Once you beat a level for the first time, you get to do stuff like Time Attack and limited-rotation mode, which emphasize the platformer and puzzle aspects of the game, respectively. They're a lot more challenging and, I think, a lot more fun.

On the whole, my opinion of And Yet It Moves is lukewarm, but positive. I like it, and I'll probably keep trying to beat the extra modes, but I wouldn't pay $10 for it. If you can pick it up on the cheap, though, I'd say give it a shot.


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