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Reviews Comments: Review of Series Redo The Looney Tunes Show whole series review by Bio Yu Gi

I find this series particularly bland. After seeing Cartoon Network rework some Network Decay with shows like Regular Show and Adventure Time, The Looney Tunes Show feels like a step backwards. It's been several years since the original Looney Tunes were on tv, so this series should be judged by it's own merits, but it has few.

The biggest is of course the comedy. The comic timing for the series is extremely poor. Part of this has to do with the minimal, bland background music which doesn't allow any atmosphere. There's no buildup to punchlines, and little originality in the jokes they do use. There is some slapstick, but it's too simple, it's not wacky enough for a series with talking animals. Basically, the series seems to take itself too seriously, it uses mundane situations for comedy akin to sitcoms, but unlike other animated shows like Regular Show or The Simpsons, it doesn't take these situations and subvert them in any way, leaving predictable scenarios. So you have these common cliches like girlfriends believing their boyfriends are cheating on them, failing driving tests, etc.

Speaking of girlfriends, there are two characters here who really stick out, and unfortunately they're both girls. I might as well refer to them as Bugs' girlfriend and Daffys' girlfriend because their personalities aren't appealing or interesting in the least. That would be fine if the rest of the colorful cast was interesting, but they're cookie-cutter clones of typical characters. Characters is the wrong word, they're caricatures, running gags stuffed in animal skin. This again, I could deal with if their running gags were actually funny. The Verbal Tics half the cast seem to have get annoying quickly in half-hour segments, and with the setting being different from the original shorts and being sort of realistic, you would think there'd be some sort of character development or subversions of jokes, but through my watchings I found none.

In conclusion, I found this series particularly dull. It isn't humor that only a select few would appreciate like in The Sarah Silverman Show, or something routinely crazy like Drawn Together, it's just humor that's been done. So people who don't watch that much tv, or young people especially, may find this funny. But coming from an adult who thinks something on CN should have broader audiences, I think this falls flat.


  • marcellX
  • 14th Jan 12
Because you as a single person define what's funny or not, if it's not funny to you then it can't possibly be funny to someone else.
  • BioYuGi
  • 16th Jan 12
Well when I consider myself to have a great sense of humor and watch cartoons all day and laugh at every single one of them, when I come across a show that doesn't give me so much as a giggle that's a major outlier on the comedy chart right there. Every joke is just so stale, so overused. There's no atmosphere to the show, the characters don't have the same charm they used to have, (even Bugs), and if it was just one episode your unappreciated sarcastic comment would have some merit, but three hours? Three hours of horrible slapstick, cliche sitcom routines, and tedious development that I considered unfunny. If you think it's funny, that's fine, that's your OPINION, my opinion is that the majority of people will find this funny, coming from someone who watches a lot of comedy.
  • marcellX
  • 16th Jan 12
You think very highly of yourself don't you. I watch a lot of Comedy Central and HBO stand up comedy, there are a couple of comedians that don't make me laugh, that doesn't mean that they are not funny, when I watched the Sarah Silverman special I didn't laugh once, but the audience was trying to catch their breath, which only leaves me to the conclusion that she wasn't funny to me. This is not so much about liking the show or not, but that you think you're single opinion hold so much ground. The tittle, Relevant Review in 3 Sentences, the body of said review, you didn't laugh after watching 6 episodes, ergo we should conclude that it's not funny because someone with the username Bio Yu Gi didn't find it funny since nothing else was said in the review. It's not funny, take my word for it, you don't need to know more than that because after all it holds so much value.
  • qtjinla15
  • 17th Jan 12
I agree, your opinion of it not being funny does not make the show unfunny. It's just something that doesn't appeal to you.

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