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Reviews Comments: This needs one good review on TV Tropes Meet The Suzumiyas fanfic review by Har D Har Koopa

Okay. I can kinda see the point of the other reviewers. When you're the guy who doesn't like something, and that something is the most popular Haruhi fanfic on the web, you can get mad. I won't attack them or their opinions. But I will put forth my own. I think the problem here is that the characters of Haruhi are very complex, and because of that are very difficult to get right. Different aspects of each character are better remembered by each fan, and that will be the aspects that they consider 'canon'. The problem here is that the ones the writer of this fanfic uses and the ones the other reviewers prefer are different.

Now for my thoughts. I love this fic, which is obvious as I'm attempting to turn it into a radio play. I think the writing is great, and to me all the characters are in-character. Is Kyon portrayed as too much of a pushover? Maybe, but he's a HUGE pushover in canon. The moments in which he grows a spine are few and far between. Is Haruhi an exaggerated jerkass, despite this taking place after her character development? I don't think so. Nothing she does in this comes close to her early moments of douchebaggery. She may go a little bit farther then she would post-development, but I can see why. Here we see here at here home, not in public. What about her parents? While I agree that normal parents may have been interesting, I really like how they're written. Yeah, her dad's an EPIC jerk. But I think you may be missing something. The way I see it, he's basically pre-development Haruhi, who uses force to get what he wants, plus very large anger issues. I have friends with anger issues, and it's a problem. I also have friends who easily dismiss other people's thoughts and feelings. It's something they are trying to work on, and to me that's what her dad came across as. He knew he had some serious problems, and tried to find creative outlets so they couldn't get too out-of-control. To me, this is a great fanfic that is very much Original Flavor. But, to their each their own. Sorry you guys didn't like it.


  • Durandall
  • 14th Apr 12
>> But I think you may be missing something. The way I see it, he's basically pre-development Haruhi, who uses force to get what he wants, plus very large anger issues.

Your point is that the fic ignores the fact that she grows as a character in canon, and the author ignores that? It'd be plausible except for the fact that the author actually reduces her to more violent and vicious than she was at the start of the series. She actually regresses, throwing out all of her character growth in favor of crude violent humor.

Haruhi in this story is considerably worse than she ever was in canon, and the author ignores her growth to turn it into slapstick: "Kicking Kyon in the head to wake him up is funny!" "Violent sight-gags for the win!" "It's so funny that Kyon's beaten terribly by Haruhi's father for no justifiable reason!"

My resentment over the popularity isn't that it's popular, it's that the author is a shameless attention whore who begged for reviews and got an inflated review count. This story is not genuinely as popular as he's managed to make it seem. He's pulled other and worse stunts, too, such as 'plagiarizing' himself with a shadow-account as an april fool's joke (so he could revel in the attention when he managed to get fans to 'defend' him). Something built up on so much undeserved hype and false pretenses deserves detractors willing to call it out for what it is, in my opinion.

The scrutiny and harsh examinations are something that an egomaniac brings upon himself.

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