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Reviews Comments: Not perfect, but still pretty good Cars 2 film/book review by Robbie Rotten

The first question you might want me to answer is "Is it as bad as critics say?". Well, my answer is...No. Not at all! Infact... i LIKED it!

Let me first say the one problem i had, which didn't really bug me that much, but it's still enough to take some points off Like some people have said, it doesn't have the heart all the pixar movies have. But it doesn't really take away from how fun it is. it does have some pixar emotion to it, just at a lower level.

I think what really makes it good, is the spy element. Some people say it's out of place, but i didn't care, it was still pretty cool. On the audio commentary, John lasster explains that he loves spy movies, and the cool spy cars, so he put spies in the Cars world.

Finn is a great character, while not too complex, he is just awesome. This is due to a great performance by Micheal Caine. He just sounds great, and it seems like he had fun with this movie.

Now for the other common complaint: Mater. He's the main character this time around, which bugs people. Personally, i didn't mind it. Mc Queens character has already done all he can do on his own. so in this movie, mater needs the spotlight.

He plays off well against Finn and Holly,. Mater is also just plain awesome. He ends up figuring out the bad guys plan in a very cool way, and he is bad ass with his new spy status

Another thing that bugged me is that when mater is a spy, he wants to keep mcqueen away from the spy thing. i don't like that cliche and i wish they could of not used it

The score is pretty cool too. Though it's not the best. The main theme is really good i must say. This is done by the same cuy who composed The Incredibles and Up, just so you know.

As for what i think of the negative i don't care anymore. So pixar made a negatively reviewed movie. So what? Everyone makes mistakes once in awhile. Though i do think some of the reviewers are asking too much from this movie.

This movie was just a bump in the pun intended. it's not amazing, but its not awful either.

To sum it up, Cars 2 is not the smartest pixar movie, but it's still an incredibly fun ride and i will be watching it for years to come.

Score: 8.6/10


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