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Reviews Comments: Potential Gold Mine The Amazing World Of Gumball whole series review by Dar Power

Gumball is a very interesting cartoon, something on the lines of Roger Rabbit but cleaner and more updated. The show itself is a sitcom. But its easy to forget that once you understand its settings. Nothing in Gumball is really supposed to make sense, but it manages to keep such a rational plot anyways its rather well. The shows popularity amongst CN viewers stems from its animation and characters. They're not entirely original but they hold their own originality to them. They're typical, and that is why it may feel not so special in characterization, its the typical kids. Typical adults. The episodes were great although lately they've been hit and miss. My favorites are generally the first ones and the ones that generally take place at home with the family. The school episodes are nice as well but i prefer the sitcom feel. The show is aimed more at kids than adults unlike its counterparts Adventure Time and Regular Show, which does feel rather unfortunate at times. Although especially in the earlier episodes, the risks it took and being under the radar deserves some shout out. It does make references here and there, so its not all kiddy. My top three favorites are the Dress, The Goons, and the Club. Yes the show has had bad episodes already and its 15 minutes long so it feels unreasonably short at times, but its cons pale to its pros . CN gives this show huge hiatuses, so its rather irritating at times. Season 2 is coming in June, and when the show is more situated will it probably ranked 1st. Presently its the seconded most viewed show. CN treats it oddly though, its airing times are awful and should just be on Fridays. Yet they promote it like its perfect. Point is, see the episodes. Disregard episodes like the Genius or the Picnic or the Poltergeist or the Sock they'll either bore you or irritate you, but all the others are near perfect. The music is very nice. Nonetheless, one of the best shows on CN right now


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