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Reviews Comments: The right way to do a reboot Transformers Animated whole series review by Sikon

To me, Transformers is one of those timeless series that shaped me growing up as a kid, and thus hold a special place in my heart. Now, though, I find the original Transformers (G1) impossible to watch as an adult: corny, repetitive, and the plots have more holes than a sieve.

Animated is a much-needed refresh for today's kids... and the grown-up children of the nineties. Way too many modern takes on Transformers take a Darker And Edgier direction, and I think it's a mistake. It's a concept that's hard to take completely seriously — but Animated shows that you can take worldbuilding seriously while the actual plots retain the goofy-fun atmosphere with likeable characters that once defined G1. It recreates the spirit of G1 while surpassing it in practically every way: be it animation, characterization, season-arc structure, or tightness of continuity. Animated plays fairly liberally with the worldbuilding elements created by previous series, but in doing so it weaves its own fresh pattern that gives a surprisingly deep portrayal of the Transformer society.

It really is an Adaptation Distillation of G1: all the good stuff is there, without the random detritus and questionable continuity mess that plagues too many Transformers series to count.


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