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Reviews Comments: Transformers: Prime Season One - The Best Transformers Series Ever Transformers Prime season review by C Charmander K

I'll admit as much as anyone else that I was pretty startled when Transformers Prime was announced all of a sudden, and being a big fan of the excellent Transformers Animated before it, I was kind of reluctant towards it prior to its premiere. And with Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci as the Executive Producers, I had the dark premonition that this would become Bayformers: The Animated Series.

...fortunately, such was not the case. Transformers Prime is the best incarnation of the famous Robots In Disguise yet, combining the best elements of previous stories (the dark tone of Transformers Beast Wars, the stylized art of Animated, the brutal action of the films, metc.) and weaving them together with its own unique ideas and standards to create a compelling sci-fi drama on par with the likes of Stargate SG 1 and Battlestar Galactica.

Special mention must go to how unequivocally dark this show is. When the first episode aired and I saw the TV-Y7-FV rating, I expected it to be pretty watered down and sanitized. "Kiddy", if you will. But then we had the death and zombification of Cliffjumper, loads of PG-13-level violence, lots of horror-themed scenes and episodes ("Rock Bottom" deserves special mention), and some pretty heavy thematic content... all on a rating that basically equates to a heavy G/light PG. Either the radar is asleep, or these guys got balls of steel.

This is an awesome series, and I can't wait for season two. An A++ for sure.


  • GildedATM
  • 15th Dec 11
Beast Wars was dark? I mean, yeah, it wasn't as lighthearted as Animated pre-season 3 or , but it's hardly that dark compared to Animated season 3, Beast Machines, the movies, or Transformers Prime.

Of course, dark does not mean good; I personally believe Beast Wars is the best Transformers has ever gotten. Prime comes very close (As do Animated and the G1 movie in some respects), but I prefer the Beast Wars characters.
  • Twilightisbestpony
  • 23rd Dec 11
The second and third seasons of Beast Wars were pretty dark, the first one was fairly campy though.
  • JamesPicard
  • 29th Dec 12
I'm not sure how you found this dark on the level of Beast Wars, but hey, to each their own. I like the show, even if it's not necessarily my favorite, but it's surprisingly good for a kids show. It's not often you see a show that takes the risks it does. Granted, they don't always amount to much, but it's still impressive.

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