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Reviews Comments: Super Meat Boy is fun and you should play it Meat Boy game review by troacctid

Start by watching the gameplay trailer.

This game is sweet.

It's fast-paced Nintendo Hard platforming action along the lines of N. There's a level. It has a goal and a bunch of things that kill you. You have to get to the goal and avoid the things that kill you. And the Excuse Plot is so Excuse Plotty that it sounds like it came out of a Mad Libs ("'You are a(n) [noun], and you must rescue your girlfriend, who is a(n) [noun], from an evil [noun] wearing a(n) [article of clothing],' hmm, let's fill in 'Meat, Bandage, Fetus, Monocle,' yep that sounds good, let's run it!").

Anyway, it's sweet.

It's challenging. You die a lot. But there's a healthy difficulty curve. It ramps up gradually enough that, for the most part, I felt like I was right at the edge of my abilities: when I died, it didn't feel frustrating or unfair—it was more like "Damn, I messed up. Lemme try again." And the awesome thing is that once you finally beat the level, it replays all of your deaths simultaneously, so the more times you fail, the more epic the army of Meat Boys jumping to their grisly deaths will be when you eventually succeed. Nice touch.

Also, it's fun. I mean, just look at that trailer. Jumping around, dodging giant buzzsaws and homing's a blast. The controls are solid and the physics are comfy. And if the default character doesn't float your boat, there's a bunch of unlockable guest stars like the guy from Bit Trip, the guy from VVVVVV, the robot from Machinarium, the kid from I Wanna Be The Guy, the headcrab from the Half Life series, and a bunch more; all of them handle differently.

Bonus Points for Replay Value. If you complete stages with a quick enough time, you unlock Dark World alternate levels. And there are little bandages for you to collect that are scattered around everywhere, and you unlock stuff for grabbing em. And there are secret warp zones hidden here and there for you to discover, with even more unlockable stuff inside. The distractions and extra challenges manage to add depth to the game without feeling tacked-on (as Hundred Percent Completion quests often do).

So yeah. I approve.


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