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Reviews Comments: Interplay of Concept and Execution Inception film/book review by Devious Recital

Inception is a movie that perhaps builds itself up to be a little grander than it actually is. If you look at the special effects, anyway. All that mindwarping stuff you saw in the trailer is about all you'll get in the movie, other than a spectacular hotel fight.

This being a Nolan film, the focus is far more on its story. As such, each and every character is presented as morally grey (if you keep up with the rapid exposistion). At its core, however, Inception isn't so much the story of a team of experts planning a heist as it is the story of Dom Cobb and Robert Fischer, and their quest for redemption in the context of a heist, which is itself within the context of a dream. Even more layers for you. The stellar acting on the parts of Di Caprio and Murphy really make these parts moving, even if their characters' motives are questionable.

Now, despite what the special effects could have been, I still think the action of this movie really succeeds because of the scenario it establishes. At the movie's climax, we are watching action in four different layers of a dream, all occuring at the same time. If even one of the layers goes awry, the whole plan falls apart, but there's no other way to do it. Instead of just being a confused mess, the careful editing job it really gave the impression of a heightened sense of action, and for that, I applaud Nolan.

A lot of the credit he likely owes to Mr. Hans Zimmer. Say what you will about him; I still think he's an excellent composer, and his score in this movie matches the tone perfectly. Every track sounds wonderful in the context of the scene it's in, and some even without. "Time" in particular stands out.

While Inception probably could have benefitted from a more thrilling special effects and character development for some of its more minor cast, it still succeeds largely in what it tries to do. It comes highly recommended.


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