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Reviews Comments: Childish, immature and just plain sickening Whats Eating Rainbow Dash fanfic review by Some New Guy

This fic is literally nothing but the author overdramatizing the twist of episode 8 for the sake of venting his rage over it. The perfectly reasonable stance of the other Mane Five is vilified to the point of strawman, Dash's own acts of hubris (which contributed to each disaster) are completely glossed over, and Dash is beyond childish here. And the fact that literally the entire town treats Dash like an outlaw just feels forced. There's no real reason they should be so enraged at her, and it just seems like a random plot device to make Dash miserable.

Oh, and apparently this was originally going to be a suicide fic. Yeah...killing yourself just because your friends brought you back down to earth after letting fame go to your head. Classy. The fact that the author was willing to have Dash commit suicide over something so minor is not only highly immature, its sickeningly offensive.


  • Ospero
  • 27th Mar 12
Fully agreed. I do believe that "The Mysterious Mare-Do-Well" was not exactly a high point of the series, particularly in the way it made everyone involved look bad, but this "fix fic" manages to make even less sense. Making up all the bad stuff in RD's past just for the sake of rubbing it in Twilight's face is just ludicrous - Diabolus Ex Machina at its "finest".

I get that people thought the Mane Five overdid it in the episode. This fanfic has the pendulum swing even farther into the opposite direction.

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