Tropers / Ospero

Sheesh. Actually, I don't really like talking about myself too much, but here goes...

I am 29 years old, German (Turkish father, actually), a student of English Language at the University of Marburg, Germany. I play a lot of different Tabletop RPGs (Legend of the Five Rings, 7thSea, D&D, old World of Darkness, and the list goes on), quite like Star Trek in all its incarnations, am an avid Rock Band player and also a veritable fount of useless knowledge.

Oh, and I also happen to be one of the six (eight if you count the Celebrity Specials) German winners on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? (winners as in, one million euros). I guess that useless knowledge wasn't so useless after does that make me the ultimate example of a TV Genius?

My work on this wiki is nowhere near as far-reaching as that of many others here (keep up the good work, guys! And gals, too, lest anybody take me for misogynistic or something...). I mostly enjoy reading this stuff - TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life and TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Vocabulary are becoming Truth in Television for me, quite rapidly. But I have thrown a word in from time to time.

So, what kinds of works do I enjoy? Apart from the ones given above, I am a near-rabid player of good old-fashioned turn-based strategy games (currently on my umpteenth replay of Sid Meierís Alpha Centauri), a Raymond E. Feist reader who owns all novels, beginning with "Magician: Apprentice" up until "Wrath of a Mad God", a fan of the Star Trek Expanded Universe novels (just finished the Destiny trilogy), and a fan of "Popular Myths and Fallacies" books, particularly on the subject of food. Also, in no particular order: Magic: The Gathering, Babylon5, Battlestar Galactica (the reimagined version), Star Control 2, the music of Suzanne Vega and Roxette, quotations (lots and lots of those), Agatha Christie and the Eurovision Song Contest.

Whew. More than I thought it would be. Anyways, have fun and remember the Mantra.