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Reviews Comments: Favorite Episode Frasier episode review by Demetrios

While I enjoy just about every episode of this show, if I had to choose a favorite, I'd have to say "Momma Mia." You know, the one where Frasier unknowingly dates a woman who happens to look just like his mother, and everyone else sees it except him. What I like about this episode is its excellent mixture of comedy and heartwarming moments. The former was provided mostly by Niles and his entomophobia and offhand references to Frasier's denial, and Martin's Hypocritical Humor: "I'm not in denial! Everything's perfect! This is the best birthday party I ever had!" And the latter was provided again by Martin when Frasier realized the truth: "Come on, Frasier, I know you're going to talk about how you have this big complex and all, but can't it be simpler than that? Maybe you just miss your mother. I know I do." There a lot of episodes of Frasier I look forward to seeing, and I gladly count this as one of them. :)


  • 24th Nov 09
I have to agree with you on every point. I particularly liked "Ham Radio," too.

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