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Reviews Comments: A Mind Screw at First, But, it Gets Better Inception film/book review by Iku Masamune

"Inception" is basically about a group of people who go into the dreams of Robert Fisher, a billionaire heir whose father recently died. These people - Cobb, Ariadne, Arthur, Yusuf, Eames, and Saito - must go into Fischer's dreams and plant the idea of him breaking up his father's company. It's a difficult ride, as enemy projections and Cobb's dead wife, Mal, impede them.

Inception is not only classy, smart, and sophisticated, but, it brings out the other emotions. I laughed during the parts where the team practiced the kick that would get them awake, I had my mouth open in awe during the anti-gravity scenes in the hotel, I cheered when the team got to L.A. with the job a success, and, I teared up during the scenes with Mal and Cobb or Fischer and his father toward the end. All of this and more made it a fantastic movie, but, be warned, it may be a Mind Screw in the beginning, but, if you pay attention, you'll get it in no time.

Personally, I think that in the end, Cobb was in reality, as we see him wake up from all the dreams levels shortly before the crew arrives at L.A.X. Even Word of God pretty much confirms this.

My only gripes are the fact that Yusuf got the least amount of lines, we didn't get closure on the rest of the crew, and the fact that Taylor Swift was almost cast as Ariadne, my favorite crew member.

As stated, my favorite crew member - even though I liked all of them - was Ariadne, who was strong, resourceful, and smart, which makes her a good female movie role model for everyone. In short, she's just plain cool.

In my opinion, Inception ranks in between Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and One Piece Strong World as my favorite movie, which means I will definitely see it again.


  • alias215
  • 6th Mar 12
in the second level, arthur uses the impossible stairway to get behind a projection and kill it.
  • alias215
  • 6th Mar 12
sorry, wrong review
  • TomSFox
  • 25th Mar 13
A completely unrelated note: Why do people always put a comma after “but”? That doesn’t make any sense!
  • TomWithNoNumbers
  • 25th Mar 13
It's not for the but, it's for the small clause after it. Like, in a manner of speaking, this.

Putting a comma in front of the but was an error though. 'But' along with 'and' and a few others are some of the only conjunctives that don't do that

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