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Reviews Comments: Mediocre, yet alluring Quest 64 game review by Hydronix

Let's be honest here. I love the game. However, that doesn't make it good. I'm not going to let my love of it influence my review, nor will I go with a general consensus, or be paid for it.

Game Play = 9/10 Fairly unique, the fact you have to aim some attacks give realism. Why 9 out of 10? Figuring out some things are a little hard, and you have no maps of dungeons(too easy to get lost). Other than that, the battle system is very well done, as well as a new style. Never really been repeated. Unless you count the Zelda games, but then again, they don't have the turn system.

Graphics = 9/10 Another 9 out of 10? The camera control needs work, but that's mostly it. The graphics are about the same as the Mario 64 engine, give or take a little. However, characters and attacks are quite well done and animated. The only other problem is that windows are mostly painted on, so they half dissapear in the game. Very annoying.

Sound = 7.5/10 Music is pretty decent. Not great, but then again, there's no type of music to go off of, since this is a solo series. The denotion of "Miss" and "Hit" is well done.(missing an attack, hitting an attack) Though it doesn't have people literally talking, it's not complainable since this is an older engine. I still think it's the Super Mario 64 engine, but I don't know for sure.

Storyline = 2/10 Low point, big time. Your father is gone, you search for a book, defeat enemies along the way, including bosses. That describes it all. Not having a money system falls under here for one reason. A story includes characters, and shop owners are characters. You just GET items. That's no fun. But you can't have it all...

Replayability = 5/10 It can be fun to start over, and you can visit nearly every area over and over again, but it doesn't have enough different monsters.(it has a lot, but still) If you go to the final area(and save there), you can't re-explore the rest of the game. That's the only big letdown. It may have more problems that I haven't truly found.

Overall = 32.5/50 Worth renting, maybe buying. Takes forever to truly conquer, warning advised on that.

A.K.A. 6/10 or 3/5(actually checked the math carefully this time)


  • BonsaiForest
  • 4th May 12
I can't conceive of this game using the Super Mario 64 engine. I don't think Nintendo licenses engines, and I don't see anything that indicates a use of that engine in the way the game works.
  • Irene
  • 10th Jan 14
I'm talking about the graphics engine. They're pretty much identical. The way the actual windows are set up have the same graphics issues. The trees work the exact same way.(other games do not have this, as those trees are actual unique models. They're sprites in this game. Likewise, this used sprites too) Gameplay is quite different, to say the least. No literal jumping and all.(you can jump via a set animation, as can other monsters, but that's how far it goes)

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