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Reviews Comments: Cape Good... City Of Heroes game review by malonkey 1

I, personally, have been playing CoH almost since it came out, and it is the only MMO I have ever enjoyed. The real Crowning Moment Of Awesome for me when I first played, and even (or perhaps especially) now, is the character creation. You have a TREMENDOUS amount of power combinations, and the choices don't stop there: The costume creator! Oh my god! It is the most in-depth, user-friendly Costume Editor in just about any game you'll find, and you don't need to worry about costume choices effecting your powers. Total freedom! And for a Allegedly Free Game, This game treats free players really well, letting you hit the level cap, and most premium content only costing pennies. The VIPs still get all the best stuff, of course, but it's not on on an unfair level. Just one thing I have to add is: Screw No Capes, I'm A Superhero!


  • Ekimmak
  • 19th Oct 11
If you're a new player, then yes. Just want to point out that a returning player may be peeved at how much they've lost.
  • malonkey1
  • 13th Nov 11
I am a returning player.
  • eveil
  • 14th Nov 11
All players eventually lose all of their things when they eventually quit the game.

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