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Reviews Comments: Pretty good comic with some major flaws Penny And Aggie whole series review by Jabroniville

I liked this comic for a really long time, but I eventually got sick of it. I can only add up it's postitives and negatives.

Positives: Some excellent, well-rounded characters- many of them were amazingly well-done, and I could read them argue and do stuff for hours. People never turned out to be standard cliches (The Libby was fairly nice, and the heroine was kind of a bitch). Some of the jokes were pretty funny. Sara's Coming Out Story was very well done. Under Gisele, the strip had the best art in webcomics, especially by the end. Many of the supporting characters had surprising depth, and were very interesting (the Good Christian Girl Katy-Anne, the brooding weird artist Jack). The Fanservice was always nice (and was pretty all-inclusive for a while- men & women at once). I REALLY liked Nick as a "Father" character, averting "Dumb Ol' Dad" while still being a bit clueless about teens.

Negatives: Once the comic got CRAZY with kidnappings, rape accusations, near-death experiences, etc. I just lost interest- it was WAY too goofy, poorly-done, and didn't fit the strip's theme. It went from "Mature Archie" to "violent psycho-drama". The "Everyone turns gay" thing just ended up being silly to me- Penny & Aggie NEVER geled to me as a couple, and giving a half-dozen minor characters gay twinges felt forced and goofy. Way too many side-characters were given insane focus- I never cared for Charlotte. I REALLY didn't like Lisa (people like that annoy the shit out of me in real life, and she was way too pushy), but I found her a good character for others to play off of dramatically, so I'm torn. The art suffered under Jason Waltrip, but was still better than MOST webcomics- he just wasn't up to covering Gisele. T Campbell has a VERY big problem with clarity as well- certain arcs were just a mess to read (Sara's Hollywood Story is the worst), and he almost seemed addicted to never letting you REALLY get into a character's head to find out WHY they did certain things (people just tended to DO things, leaving you to guess why- which works in small amounts, but many things were left unknown), though this improved as time went on. Certain things were never explained until later, as well.

All in all, a very good webcomic marred by some unfortunate problems. I'll probably give it a re-read, and it may read better when it's all in one go.


  • Rebochan
  • 27th Sep 11
...yea, this is pretty close to what I felt.
  • Mazz
  • 23rd Oct 11
I have to agree. I personally did like all psycho-drama, mostly because I did read that up to that part in one go, but the pacing after that was very strange and I lost interest as well. I could no longer relate to or understand the characters by that point.

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