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Reviews Comments: "Overclockwise" Futurama episode/issue review by Jobbeybob

I've been hearing a lot of people complain about the new broadcast season of Futurama, and it's getting pretty annoying. I was a HUGE fan of the original run, and I thought all the movies were awesome. Yeah, I know that the sixth season (at least the second half of it, anyways) wasn't as good as the original 72, but honestly, what is? Besides, all TV shows decline in quality as they get older. It's a fact of life, and I've long accepted it. I'm just thankful Futurama can still make me laugh.

But I absolutely DESPISE this episode.

Not because it's a weak episode. A weak episode is just that, a weak episode. This was worse. It was an episode that was CLOSE to being great, but was ruined by something easily changed in development.

I was excited for this during the beginning. Bender becoming omniscient was a promising idea, and the Fry and Leela relationship was getting touched on. It was apparently written as another series finale, and knowing Futurama, I prepared myself to cry tears.

But of course, everything was destroyed by the goddamn court subplot. Somebody thought that instead of focusing on their relationship and Bender becoming God, what this episode needed was Mom suing the Farnsworths for messing with Bender. They knew this was a stupid reason to sue, and they lampshaded it too. So, why would they think we would care about the outcome of the case, when so many more interesting stories were happening around it?

And then there's the amazingly heartwarming ending, even more heartwarming than the one from Devil's Hands, which was just a punch to the stomach, reminding me of what this episode COULD have been, if they took out the tedious court plot.

I felt cheated out of an amazing episode when I watched this for the first time, and I don't ever want to watch this episode again.


  • marcellX
  • 17th Jun 12
Bender already had an episode about being God and the implications, going at it again had the risk of being repetitive, and the Fry and Leela plot took more time than the court. And why exactly was it a stupid reason to sue, it's completely legitimate to do it, big companies just usually don't bother with small things like that, unless it's been done a lot and they're trying to send a message. Example, the increase of law sues over illegally downloading music.
  • Wackd
  • 17th Jun 12
Here's the thing though—the first time Bender was god he only had control over those little people growing on him. That's vastly different from being completely omnipotent and damn-near all-powerful. Lots of potential to explore there.
  • marcellX
  • 18th Jun 12
And that's why it wouldn't be interesting. Bender was that powerful because he was extremely intelligent, to the point were he could even perfectly predict the future, even all the problems of the episode were fixed by him in a matter of minutes in-universe. Without room for flaws, there's no room for mistakes, which means there's no room for problems, which it turn would mean little room for conflict, it would be boring. The Gaia god story had the interesting point of all the mistakes someone rather normal would make and how hard it is to be a deity.
  • MrMouse
  • 21st Sep 12
I do agree that Bender's near omnipotence should've been touched on more, maybe as a sort of psuedo-sequel to the previous god ep. That, and it should have been about Bender and Fry.

I didn't care at all for the Fry/Leela subplot, not only because it had nothing to do with the rest of the episode (outside the sappy ending) and tone-wise was was completely opposite, but it ultimately went nowhere. It was just another one of those moments that post-revival Futurama can't seem to get away from; trying too hard to be emotional and touching.

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