Reviews Comments: Don't expect to learn much about Kendo.

Don't expect to learn much about Kendo.
Much like K-on and it's lack of emphasis on music, Bamboo Blade is mostly about the silly antics of a quirky cast of school girls.

While the girls do practice their Kendo frequently, we rarely see much besides that. Even when a tournament is around the corner, fights rarely last more than a few seconds, especially when Boring Invincible Hero Tamaki is involved. This is made even more disappointing when it seems like an epic showdown against a truly worthy opponent is on the way. Another sour aspect is the frequently lampshaded Out Of Focus status of the male characters. What little we see of them in action is promising...

One could learn more about Kendo from ten minutes on Wikipedia. On the bright side, if you're a fan of wacky, moe characters, Bamboo Blade has that in spades. Much of the cast is cartoony and vivid, each with their own little quirks that bring about hours of amusement for those who want a cute and funny series. Even the show's most boring character, the near emotionless Tamaki develops into an endearing young girl who oozes cuteness with each passing episode.

So in short, Bamboo Blade is a slice of life anime first, and a sports anime second. If you hold no expectations of pulse-pounding action, it's a fun, lively series that's enjoyable for all ages.


I learned that Kendo fights don't last very long.
comment #10255 eveil 25th Sep 11
I've watched Kendo matches on youtube. They tend to be a lot of stand-off, both opponents circling about with their weapons touching. Then the strike happens and I couldn't even tell who got the point.
comment #10256 KashimaKitty 25th Sep 11

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