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Reviews Comments: Family Guy what happened to you? Family Guy whole series review by Kashima Kitty

Six years ago I could say I was a fan of the series. I found the humor to be more subtle and tasteful than what you'd expect from South Park. But as the seasons rolled on things became more unbearable to the point that I can't even watch the show anymore without seeing wasted opportunities and shock value humor.

One thing that stands out in the early seasons was the line from the opening song "Those good old fashioned values." This rings true when you see that much of what Peter did was for the sake of his family. The well-fare fraud, trying to make Chris Jewish, "acquiring the assistance" of the Pope to talk to his father.

Now adays the entire cast has become a relentless bunch of sociopaths who don't care who they abuse. Even Lois, who went to such lengths to give her daughter a decent spring break, became someone cold enough to tell her daughter to kill herself. The woman Peter fought so hard to win over has expressly stated that if he were unable to move, she would leave him.

Brian and Stewie taking up much of the show's airtime becomes a minor offense when the two prove to be more moral and like-able than Peter or Lois. When they're together anyway. Plots that center around Brian and whatever political debate or love interest he's trying to win get stale fast though.

In the early seasons much of the humor was derived from early pop-culture references and various randomness. Even without understanding those references there are plenty of moments that made me laugh. Modern episodes seem to have jumped on this mentality that being as offensive as possible is what's funny, so every episode we're treated to a joke about the big "hot buttons" of offensiveness. Those being rape, abortion and 9/11. Gross-out humor has also reached a peak where even the most desensitized can't enjoy a pizza while watching what was once their favorite show.

Laziness in writing is another recent fault, to the point that the show spends much of it's time looking for ways to parody or lampshade itself, rather than work things into the plot with any decent level of writing ability. I know it's a gag show, but you can tell they've stopped trying when they call attention to the fact that something doesn't make sense, and just disregard it on the grounds that no one would care because status quo is god.


  • Listy
  • 22nd Sep 11
I agree, current Family Guy is a classic case of a series that no longer has to fight for its ratings and security on the lineup. They still produce a few gems, but the good episodes they make seem to be done only when they seemingly get bored with formula and try something different, but by the next episode, they're right back to the stale humor that they wore into the ground.
  • terlwyth
  • 22nd Sep 11
See this why Family Guy should've done what The Simpsons does,...used to do,and this applies to South Park as well.

Seth should've justed stepped down and let someone else run the show for a few years.

I mean that would've opened up new ideas,and developed the characters more so,and covered more ground. Now it seems like Mac Farlane ran out of ideas and simply goes with whatever is anti-conservative and offensive with making Stewie a little more rounded as the last real idea.

  • DonnyKD
  • 5th Oct 11
Seth Mac Farlane barely has anything to do with the recent episodes, though.
  • marston
  • 9th Oct 11
Y'know, people keep saying that seth shoulden't be blamed for the abomination that is "Not all dogs go to heaven" because he didn't writie it. But seth mac farlane does have the views that were portrayed in that episode, so anyone that tries to use that as a defense clearly doesn't know how much of a prick seth is.
  • BNJC1
  • 18th Nov 11
Yeah, him with his views...
  • ading
  • 3rd May 13
^^Not relevant. We're not discussing Seth's personal morality, just his shows.
  • marston
  • 3rd May 13
^Way to reply to a year-old comment of mine. I'm well aware of that fact now, thank you very much. :P

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