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Reviews Comments: BIT.TRIP Saga Bit Trip game review by Katana

This is a must buy for anyone with a 3DS.

The BIT.TRIP series is a phenomenal example of a dying genre, that of the rhythm game. The music is excellent and the difficulty is out of this world. Despite this it's easy to pick up and play; even the longest levels will take no more than 15 minutes and some short ones will only take a minute or two. If it weren't for the difficulty, I'd almost call it too short, but there's enough of an challenge to try and perfect every level (a nigh impossible task) that I could easily see playtimes stretching into the hundreds.

With that said there are some downsides. Controls are okay but not exactly the most intuitive, FATE probably has the weirdest scheme, but it's somewhat of a weird game. There's also some graphical problems, most noticeably in RUNNER and VOID (a shame since these two are easily the most fun), which can be annoying but never outright harmful to gameplay, mostly occurring in the background, although VOID does have patterns that seemingly appear from nowhere. Difficulty is never a huge complaint except in CORE; most of the time the player can easily see how they made a mistake, but CORE has patterns that seem pretty much impossible unless you memorize them.

As for the story; perhaps one of the most stunning examples in minimalist story telling in recent memory. Following Commander Video from his birth to demise is definitely interesting, and a deeply spiritual story. One potential complaint though is that the temptation is extremely high to jump around in the story and play them out of order; however locking the games to be played in a specific order probably would've been the wrong idea as well.

Music, amazing chiptunes. It's my preferred genre, but even if you're not a fan I feel you can easily enjoy the soundtrack. Sometimes it is almost ridiculous but it's always in a good way. The graphics are nowhere near as good as they are on the Wii, but they are very serviceable; the series never relied heavily on graphics to begin with.

Definitely one of the best 3DS titles currently out there; I'd recommend picking it up asap as unlike other games from bigger companies it's likely only going to be a rather limited run.


  • Cliche
  • 7th Oct 11
Well, the games were originally designed with Wii controls in mind, so I'd like to know what the controls are like in the 3DS version.

"the series never relied heavily on graphics to begin with."

I'd dispute this point. The games would not be the same without the stuff going on in the background. I know you were talking about technical graphics, but I felt like pointing that out.

And yes, going for PERFECT's does extend each individual game's lifespan well beyond the 45 minutes it would take to finish. And it's satisfying too, like you've become one with the game and achieved enlightenment. That's something that can't be said for grinding just to take out some stupidly overpowered RPG superboss that otherwise requires no strategy.
  • Katana
  • 9th Oct 11
Well I did have a character limit to keep in mind; but yeah that's pretty much exactly spot on.

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