Reviews Comments: Silly, Stupid, Confusing and Dull...yet somewhat Charming

Silly, Stupid, Confusing and Dull...yet somewhat Charming
I have to say going into Gundam Wing I did not have high expectations for the series. I'll be the first to admit I'm a UC Gundam fag, having just been introduced to the continuity last Fall and falling in love with how, despite all the camp in silliness involved, how deep and well thought out it was. I never watched Wing as a kid so I had no nostalgia for it going in. Going off of from what little I'd seen of it and what my friends said, Gundam Wing seemed to be a show featuring Boring Invincible Heroes, unappealing (from my tastes at any rate) mecha designs, tons of meaningless politicking,and naive, bordering on hypocritical, pacifist philosophies. And that's... pretty much what I got.

The setting is confusing; the characters are for the most part irritating, impenetrable, silly or boring; and the aesthetics of the characters and mechas are personally unappealing. But looking back on it, I can't help but find it all a bit charming, albeit in a pretty ironic way. The bits of Narm Charm mixed with the usually dead pan delivery is the source of a lot of humor, and unlike say SEED, the pacing is actually pretty good, with some big plot development or twist happening every other episode or so, even if I'm not personally invested in it. The music is also pretty rocking as well. As a serious anime, I do not think Wing succeeds, but if you relax, have a lot of free time on your hands and enjoy it ironically, it can actually be pretty entertaining.


Yawn, Typical Zeon-loving UC fanboy review that doesn't get Wing at all.
comment #9966 Enderesonix 16th Sep 11
Yawn, typical mindless fan-boy who can't handle others not liking what he likes.
comment #17207 Firestorm 11th Dec 12
I agree with the review. it was ok for a time. but it didnt age well, and besies nostalgia, doesn't really stack up to the real greats. and the fact that it never really came back with anything, except a couple forgettable comics, proves its kinda dead.
comment #17284 Tylerox9 16th Dec 12
^It was featured in tons of Super Robot Wars games (perhaps second to the UC continuity), if that counts for anything. The people at Banpresto were clearly in love with Endless Waltz.
comment #17286 doctrainAUM 16th Dec 12
^ thaaaats completely untrue. Wing appeared for its time, and then recently came back for one more game. the second most appeared series is the Cosmic Era (SEED) which has replaced UC as Gundams Mainstay in the franchise, and appeared in every game since SRWJ (except like the Original games). and has had the second most different entries into it (Seed, Astray, Destiny, Stargazer)as opposed to Wing which has just had Wing and Endless waltz. sooo dont yoy dare and try to give credit to Wing that it doesnt deserve.
comment #18699 Tylerox9 1st Apr 13
According to Game FA Qs, Gundam Wing has appeared in twenty games (counting both the series and Endless Waltz). The various Gundam SEED entries put together have appeared in, I think, sixteen games. Either way, Gundam Wing has been used A LOT.
comment #18701 doctrainAUM 1st Apr 13
GW may have APPEARED in more games, since it's been around for 5 years longer. But a lot of those games were just smaller appearences in collab games and such. Most of the time just supporting another gundam series that is in the spotlight. But there has easily been more GS Games than GW Games. in fact, Gundam Wing has really only had 1 video game, Endless Duel. maybe 2 SRW games, mainly Alpha series, where it wasnt just an add-on series to something bigger (like it was in W for Astray, L for Destiny, Z2 for 00), and was more or less starred in a Battle Assault game. As opposed to GS/D which had several games devoted to it (fighting games, RP Gs, third person actions still being newly made, etc) and has been the SRW Gundam mainstay represenative since J, and had its time starring in the other gundam collab games (battle assaults, SD G Generation, VS games). So yeah, GW APPEARED more, but GS/D has been much more impactful in that media.
comment #19196 Tylerox9 29th Apr 13

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