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A mixed bag
Real Life as a media source can be sometimes be oversimplified into either Heaven or Hell. Neither is the case: both is the case. What I mean? When you commence the journey you will both find good and bad things occuring.

The depth of it is grand with lore being beyond deep, litrature in the univserse being well in depth (with different qualities between peices to demonstrate extra depth) and even the most simple of characturs being well developed. On the other hand there exist massive conflicts on what is considered quality and people tend to mark others with simple notions. That said the morality system is grand: it be a Morality Kitchen Sink so people may see a wide selection of characturs who seek.

Now for the worth of it, the title realy comes: on the one hand sufferring is widespread in underdeveloped regions via starvations, villains can win, the enviroment is getting damaged, war is a common factor and there be massive money gaps between people. On the other hand there be plenty of sites to see, diolog is not only deep but can result in a outcome, the medias allow for creativity, people are trying their best to relive the suffering and Real Life contains tea.

Now this is just a simple notion but realy: can I under the 400 word limit describe life? This is just a introduction notion, saying that the intrest that life be makes it worth while. Take it up and life to thy will!


Somehow, I doubt you're one of those people who are suffering because of starvation or oppression.

Try actually experiencing the other side of real life before you judge it.
comment #9821 eveil 11th Sep 11
I am aware of the starvation. I have noted this because of the amount of "LIFE SUCKS" people out there.
comment #9823 Ailedhoo 11th Sep 11
Yet you don't seem to be aware that life isn't balanced. Just because starvation exists in the world doesn't mean everyone experiences it. Likewise, just because real life contains tea does not mean you'll ever get to drink it. Most people don't experience equal amounts of the good and bad parts of life.

Life does not inherently suck. It just sucks for a lot of people. Maybe you should consider the idea that some people didn't get the same things out of life as you did.
comment #9825 eveil 11th Sep 11
What's the point of reviewing real life?
comment #9829 Scarface675 11th Sep 11
^Who knows? I just did it for the fun of it.
comment #9830 Ailedhoo 11th Sep 11
With the exception of the last two reviews, it's mostly just as a joke, like how The Ugly Barnacle got itself a review.
comment #9831 eveil 11th Sep 11

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