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Reviews Comments: Definitely "Grew The Beard"... The Looney Tunes Show whole series review by T Vs Tim 1

Okay, I was extremely skeptical about this show, and to be honest the first few episodes didn't light my world on fire. Sure, there were amusing moments (mainly from Daffy) here and there, but the series as a whole just wasn't gelling for me. Then came "Double Date", and for the first time I completely enjoyed an episode from beginning to end. I know there's some debate about the changes made to Lola, but I honestly believe that she's the best "new" addition to the Looney Tunes character lineup in a long, long time (Kristen Wiig should be a shoo-in for an Emmy) and she was the main reason this episode worked so well. (On the other hand, Tina Russo's kind of a Flat Character, but she's supposed to be a straight man (girl?) to Daffy anyhow, so that actually works as well.) Overall, the whole episode had a much more coherent feel than previous efforts, and genuine Character Development to boot. And, of course, it was also pretty damn funny.

Then came "Newspaper Thief", which might be the best episode aired thus far. For the first time, the Bugs/Daffy housemate relationship actually felt both "real" and just off-kilter enough to qualify as "looney". I mean, haven't we all had a friend or relative whom we love dearly but drives us crazy with their quirks and odd habits? Granted, said friend or relative probably isn't releasing rats into the neighborhood or staging elaborate traps at dinner parties to find out who stole their newspaper, but that's where the "looney" part of the equation factors in. Rather than just existing as a contrived plot point, Bugs and Daffy's living situation was genuinely funny and felt more real than most people are probably willing to admit.

In short, this show has improved a great deal over the last few months and if you haven't given it a chance yet, check out these two episodes at the very least. And if they don't make you laugh, well, The Looney Tunes Show probably isn't for you anyhow.


  • Shota
  • 31st Aug 11
Tina appeared again in last week's episode, if only for roughly the same amount of screentime as "Double Date", and now we know she's aggressive! :D I would watch how she develops over the rest of the show.

However, I don't know what you saw in "Newspaper Thief". I thought that was one of the WORST.
  • TVsTim1
  • 1st Sep 11
To each his (or her) own. I think the "worst" label should be reserved for "Devil Dog": not only was everyone completely OOC, but I don't remember laughing even ONCE during the whole episode. I was ready to give up on the whole series after that one.

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