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Reviews Comments: Endless Possibility Sonic Unleashed arc review by Geostomp

The Sonic series has been very long suffering of poor controls, horrible stories, and a fanbase that has no idea what they want. Unleashed finally changes that.

This game finally reminds us that Sonic actually is "the fastest thing alive" during the incredibly beautiful daytime stages. Though hair-pullingly difficult at times, you'll never get tired of them.

On to the night stages and the controversial "werehog" gameplay. Unlike what just about everyone in the fanbase spouts: change is NOT bad. The battle system is well made and genuinely entertaining. The main fault, however, is that the stages are implemented are both linear and long for such simple gameplay. Despite this flaw and the contrast, the gameplay does have its charm.

As for the storyline, SEGA appears to have learned it's lesson. It's simple, cheery, and molded around the characters. Rather than force the entire cast into a Final-Fantasy-inspired mess, they simply allow the characters to flow naturally. The improvement even shows in terms of voice acting. Even the side characters are charming in their new Pixar-esque designs.

Overall, this game is a badly needed step in the right direction and has strong standing in it's own right. While not perfect, it is a strong game in it's own right. Very much undeserving the the mindless hatred it tends to receive from fans and (some) critics. Try it as soon as possible.


8.5 out of 10


  • Turrican
  • 27th Oct 09
Nice review. Even though I disliked the Werehog elements immensely, I must admit that Unleashed is the first title in the main series since Heroes that actually feels "finished". Like testing and debugging was a thing that was done before putting it on the shelves, which can't be taken for granted with Sega. I think the Werehog suffered most simply because the game finally offered genuinely fun 3D Sonic gameplay, and so it the hog paled in comparison. Paled like bleach.

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