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Reviews Comments: Idealism is Inspiration Fruits Basket whole series review by Otato

This story is filled with characters who are hurt and worn down by life. In fact, life seems to be trying to destroy them slowly and every reveal about their past makes it more and more clear that these characters need something to hold on to.

Cue the main character: Touru Honda.

This character will essentially make or break the series for you as a watcher/reader. She takes her own tragedy and uses it to make herself stronger. She lacks talent in any area, but is willing to help anyone to the best of her ability. She may not be able to solve your problems, but she will lend an ear to any problem you have and do her very best to understand and say what needs to be said.

She's garaunteed to piss off any cynic who happens to look in her direction. Touru is a genuinely good person, and they will hate her for it. She is a very strong person, quite possibly stronger than a lot of the people who view her story, and reading about someone stronger can piss off some people whose self worth comes from thinking that "They do their best and no one else could do better."

That said, if you have any shred of hope for humanity, she embodies it. She is a person who anyone could be if they were willing to work at making their outlook on life just a little brighter, regardless of the darkness of the situation itself.

Essentially, if you can enjoy this character, any flaws in the series will be obsolete ("Who really cares about complex animation in a slice of life drama? Especially such an inspiring one!") However, if you can't stand this character, even non-issues of the series will seem like huge issues ("There's nothing happenning in this series! When are the characters going to start dieing?!").

In conclusion, this story is idealistic and unashamed of that fact. It could almost classify as a reconstruction of drama in the vein of Touched By an Angel. It's not perfect in either medium, but if the title of this review reflects your own views at all you will probably get a lot of good from it either way.


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