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Reviews Comments: wow...this show has gone doooownhill. The Fairly Odd Parents whole series review by Frankiefoster

Wow, stuff has changed since I was a kid, and the Fairly Oddparents shows it. They no longer do original headgags anymore, now they do either a) cheaply photoshop a crew member's head onto Vicky's body, or b) recycle the ones we've seen before. The characters have now lost their prime points of humor, make flat references, and derail their characters to pi degree with character-centric, but altogether lame jokes. Timmy and his parents have lost what made them humorous in favor of jerkass characterization—his parents pretty much sealed why I couldn't watch the show anymore around seasons 4-5-6 but stuck around anyway to see if it'd get better. It didn't, except in a few episodes here and there (plus—the birth of Poof—not the episodes after Poof, just the birth of Poof—the jokes were solid, the running gags funny, and Cosmo didn't sorely bug me) and I eventually joined the dwindling fanbase when I found out they'd make more Dark Laser episodes. His first appearance was awesome, but when Butch suddenly had a V8 and decided he, alongside Dad/Crocker/Poof/Cosmo episode spam would actually work, I had a burning itch to destroy my TV. Whose idea was it to overexpose us to these guys? Sure, they were awesome when they first appeared, but as they kept hogging episodes, I had two words to say: "Phineas and Ferb." Butch, it's time to close up shop. Until you can come up with something akin to Phineas and Ferb next time, that's where I'm headed.

Also, they derailed Jorgen from a tough guard-like guy into a hulking, fat wuss who never talks about his muscles anymore. Hell, they don't even have Chip Skylark/actually funny celeb parodies anymore—which was honestly the kicker that made me stay to the show.


  • Lucymae2
  • 5th Aug 12
This review is pretty much dead on. I blame Poof. The only episode that was good with him in it was Fairly Odd Baby, which marked possible hope for the series, but it was only decent.

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