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Reviews Comments: I am inadequate Ai Yori Aoshi whole series review by Cot FI 2

I hate to admit how taken I was of this anime. It's mushy, and fanservice-y, the plot didn't progress particularly quickly, but the characterization sucked me right in. I have seen Ah! Megami-sama, and the parallels were obvious. However, rather than wanting to slap most of the principal characters for their obliviousness, I had a much easier time letting Ai Yori Aoshi suspend my disbelief. You have to make a bit of allowance for the basic premise, but being a Westerner I was easily able to ignorantly chalk most of that up to "traditional Japanese culture".

The final episode, especially, tore me up. The fact that the finger of blame also pointed squarely out of the screen and at the viewer made it all the more emotional. The climactic change in point-of-view was then magnified by the hero's show of backbone that made me realize that not only was I insensitive, but weak, too. I never once thought of the other perspective on the situation, and at that point, were I the hero, I would have broken down and begged forgiveness, pleading ignorance. Wow. I spent the rest of the weekend feeling miserable and lonely.

Now I hear that to get the FULL ending, you have to read the manga. Grr...


  • Lemur
  • 21st Sep 09
That was my main issue with Ai Yori Aoshi. And Dear S. And To Love Ru, and so many others. Stopping a series midway without an end is annoying and painful. Why cant they just wait until the manga wraps up to do an anime, or keep the series going with filler between volumes like other series?
  • CotFI2
  • 24th Sep 09
OMG. Got a hold of AYA: Enishi, then read the manga. Now I know why the anime ends where it does. Two reasons:

1) The inevitable hook-up between Aoi and Kaoru was handled lightly in the anime, but was so agonizingly bittersweet yet pseudo-pornographic in the manga that it'd never see the air. Absolutely brilliant and mature content that actually meant mature and not porn. I can't believe I almost cried during a sex scene.

2) The insertion of the surprise long-lost half brother with the same name!??! What the heck kind of last-minute out-of-the-blue crap is that? And the REAL Kaoru's solution is to go ahead and let Aoi do what he's been trying to avoid the whole damn time?!?

Also, it seems to me that since the MAJOR development from point 1 happens in a much earlier scene in Enishi (and seems to go much more smoothly, if you know what I mean), they really didn't leave themselves much room to maneuver.
  • GamerFromJump
  • 15th Nov 09
The reviewer pretty much echoes my thoughts on this series. This was a sweet series (which I am now rewatching), and my only complaint was not getting a proper ending. I liked the series enough to get the rest of the manga to reach the end (first time I'd ever done so).

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