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Reviews Comments: A worthy attempt, but lets not try it again A Fairly Odd Movie Grow Up Timmy Turner episode/issue review by LRS

The smoke having cleared from this movie's arrival, one could say that the FOP fandom is in an even more precarious state than it was after the release of similar big movie events such as Channel Chasers, Fairly Odd Baby, and Wishology. But how does this movie, a live action adaption of the Fairly Odd Parents, measure up to the competition?

Its best to start where this movie started. When it was first announced at Comic Con 2010, the timing was incredibly mind boggling. Nickelodeon had just seen one of their most popular toons, Avatar: The Last Airbender, attempt to make this jump from cartoon to live-action, only to end up plummeting into the valley of uncanny. Not long after the announcement, photos of Jason Alexander and Cheryl Hines in Cosmo/Wanda wigs emerged from the set, and their Oompa Loompa appearance did not do much to quell the fears. Still, many people were intrigued by the idea, either to see how awful it turned out, or to see if Hartman's crew could pull it off. So... did they?

...To an extent, yes. Many of the casting choices were perfect. Daran Norris reprises his role as Timmy's Dad from the actual cartoon, and you can tell the character was made for him. David Lewis as Mr. Crocker is a new comer, but succeeded in making many people think he was Crocker's actual voice actor from the cartoon as well. Daniella Monet played a great Tootie, and although her character lacked the exposition it deserved, she still looked and felt like a girl still genuinely in love with Timmy. Finally, despite the scary Oompa Loompa pictures from earlier, Cheryl Hines and Jason Alexander pulled off a good Cosmo and Wanda, some may argue they felt more genuine than the fairies themselves have been for the past few years after Cosmo's voice was increased a few hundred decibels.

While Drake Bell tried, I do not feel like he managed to pull off Timmy that well. He felt awkward, out of place, and the scene where he parts with his fairies by kissing Tootie felt rushed and lacked the emotion it should have had. Steven Weber also did a good job, but his villain's character felt out of place. Lastly, the actors who played Chester, AJ, and Vicky, look like they were hired off the street.

Final thoughts: A great adaption, but a relatively mediocre FOP movie. A step above the other Poof-era movies, but lacking compared to Chasers.


  • LRS
  • 21st Jul 11
I ran out of room for my thoughts on the ending.

I think it basically made the entire movie, and whatever message it was trying to send, completely pointless. Not to mention that the idea of Timmy being forced to make unselfish wishes and share his fairies with Tootie is something that should have been done in the cartoon itself, not a pointless controlled environment like this movie essentially was.

Overall, I'm giving this movie a generous 3 out of 5 stars, if only because unlike other adaptions they managed to stay true to the cartoon. Some may say a little too true.
  • BonsaiForest
  • 21st Jul 11
"plummeting into the valley of uncanny" - That's a very incorrect use of the term Uncanny Valley, which instead refers to when characters look so almost realistic but not quite that they become disturbing.
  • LRS
  • 21st Jul 11
No it isn't. Please stay on subject.
  • Wackd
  • 22nd Jul 11 is. "However, at some point, the likeness would seem too strong, and it would just come across as a very strange human being. At this point, the acceptance drops suddenly, changing to a powerful negative reaction." That's the second paragraph from the Uncanny Valley page. And commenting on your review misusing a term is staying on topic, because the topic is the review.
  • Snuggie
  • 22nd Jul 11
I've seen the term used similarly to how it was used in this review. Either way it seems like you guys are nitpicking.

In the case of Avatar though, it was more bad acting and screenplay than the horrifying transition from cartoon to real life (which does, in a way, fit under "Uncanny")
  • S3
  • 24th Jul 11
I'm surprised people liked this movie...
  • Frankiefoster
  • 25th Jul 11
I agree...what turned me sorta-off was Drake Bell in pink. I just couldn't see Drake as Timmy, or even dressed like him.
  • GracelessAssassin
  • 28th Jul 11
Huh, can't believe people liked it.

Of course, I don't have much of a leg to stand on; I turned it off after the first bit because I kept getting the impression that Drake Bell was beginning to wonder exactly what he had gotten himself into.
  • Frankiefoster
  • 28th Jul 11
But I do have to give props to Cheryl Hines and Alexander, they did an almost-perfect impression of C&W pre-Cosmo's irritating high voice and Wanda's constant nag jokes. It was like they told the producers, "We can't work with this. See that over there? We want to do them, the real Cosmo and Wanda."
  • LRS
  • 8th Sep 11
I think there are a lot of average people who liked this movie more than the usual cynical fans that dwell on animation forums and such.

A lot of people were here hoping that this movie would not succeed, and were thus never willing to give it a chance. There are a myriad of reasons: Some don't like live action (ESPECIALLY after what The Last Airbender did to its own franchise), others don't like Butch Hartman and equate him to being the "Seth Mac Farlane of Nickelodeon" since they have a history of working together, and last and certainly least are the shippers who don't like Tootie.

I tried to watch this from a neutral standpoint, and even then I noticed glaring flaws which basically screamed that this movie was rushed out the door with a five dollar budget. Yet at the same time, I was surprised at how well Timmy's Dad and Crocker were handled, and its little things like that which show this movie could have been much better if they had put more effort into it. Unfortunately though, the Butch crew is more interested in TUFF Puppy at this point. However, the people going as far to say that this destroyed the cartoon are being way too dramatic if you ask me, and judging by who some of this movie's harshest critics were (before it even aired) on this site, I can't help but think a lot of it is thinly veiled ship to ship combat.
  • FOPTroper
  • 21st Sep 11
I would say the movie was "average" (no pun intended); it was better than I thought it would be, but it still wasn't the greatest movie in the world. I have seen far worse movies than this but I have, also, seen far better ones. The best parts; the live action Mr. Crocker. David Lewis got Crocker's mannerisms and even voice down perfectly and Cheryl Hines and Jason Alexander were surprisingly good as Cosmo and Wanda. Of course, Daran Norris did a good job as Mr. Turner. You could tell that he was the inspiration for Mr. Turner from the earliest days. As for it destroying the cartoon, Butch's focus on Tuff Puppy is probaby more responsible for that than anything.
  • sd100
  • 21st Aug 12
Ain't that bad but could be better if the main villain was Remy Buxenplenty instead of Hugh Magnate as Simonda, an user on Deviantart mentionned on his <a href="">journal</a>.

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