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Reviews Comments: Excellent, definitely worth reading. Rosario To Vampire whole series review by d Roy

NOTE: This review only applies to manga. FUCK the anime.

The first review pretty much took all the words out of my mouth and I don't have much too say.

I greatly enjoy how each and every haremettes are treated as more than just a fanservice factory, which make them and their interactions with Tsukune very sympathetic, sweet, overall very enjoyable. One of the things that I applaud the most about the series is that how friendship driven it is. Everyone cares about each other as friends and throws away boobshoving and pantyflashing to make a space for friendship. How many harem series do you see that actually even tries, much less succeeds in that?

Then there's the action scenes and Tsukune getting stronger. Sure, it may feel bit too sudden for some, but the way he does is highly satisfying and actually relevent to his Character Development.

Of course, who can forget about the art? You would be fooled during first few volumes but Season II and onwards? Art improves MASSIVELY and everyone looks just so damn gorgeous, and for Tsukune...let's just say the chances are he WILL evoke Stupid Sexy Flanders for ya.

Still, I have to admit that the first few volumes can be quite weak, but it DOES get better. A LOT.

So give it a chance, it will be definitely worth it.


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