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The only Disney sequel that matters
The Rescuers Down Under is one of the unsung classics of the Disney Animated Canon. It's nothing like the previous Rescuers, which works out to its advantage; the original Rescuers was a somber film that could be downright depressing to watch at times. This film is an action-adventure that could best be described as Disney does Indiana Jones. Bernard and Bianca are basically the same as they were before, but the real stars of this film are the new characters; Cody, Marahute, and Jake, and on the villains side, Mc Leach and Joanna.

To start with, the animation in this film is some of Disney's best; the opening sequence, where Marahute takes Cody on a flgiht to her nest is nothing short of breathtaking, and the Crowning Music Of Awesome that accompanies it is forever etched in one's mind; when I heard it playing at the fountain of nations in Epcot, I felt a rush of incoming nostalgia overwhelming me.

The film itself is great at balancing funny moments, such as "These are not Joanna eggs!" with thrills. It's a Disney movie that really doesn't deserve to be forgotten the way it is.


Agreed. I liked the Sequel a lot better than the original. I think it's because action-adventure is my favorite genre of film, and this one was much more fun. Also, who doesn't love Australia and all its stereotyped glory?
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