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Reviews Comments: From Robotman to Monty. Robotman And Monty film/book review by gfhdghdfgh

I've read this comic for God knows how long, and I do my very best to find older strips on the Internet; so far I've found every strip since the departure of the Robotman-character. As a kid I would read this in the Swedish Larson!-magazines (as in Gary Larson) and did not understand all of it, though I did enjoy the storylines and I did shed a tear when Robotman left for good. Now that I'm older I keep on reading it and loving it even more, now that I get all the references and moments of Getting Crap Past The Radar.

Monty is a terribly underrated comic that deserves much more attention than it gets. So clever, so funny and so wonderfully geeky. The fact that there are very few book-collections is sad.


  • MichaelKatsuro
  • 18th Sep 12
You read it in Swedish Larson! too? Awesome! (Really early strips can be found in the old comic book Gustaf och Hans Všnner, though it's extremely difficult to find. It featured strips from the time when Monty wasn't even introduced yet.) It was always my favorite in Larson! and I really have to start reding it on the web again.

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