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Reviews Comments: They Look Like They're Having Fun. I'm Not. A Very Potter Musical whole series review by The Man Without A Body

Clearly a labour of love, by people who really enjoy the original Harry Potter source material, but also an extremely bland retrot of the original characters. The opening song was much more interesting in that Disney Hercules movie, the Americanitis is an acute case (though hardly their fault), but above all, it's just unrewarding to watch. Characters sing about how great Hogwarts is, but nothing funny happens, what few jokes there are seem phoned in or just really generic, and it seems to ride too heavily on recognition. I'm supposed to say "Oh, look, it's Draco, a character I know, and he's a girl now. That's hilarious!" but instead I feel like The Nostalgia Critic, bemused to find Yeardley Smith's voice in We're Back.

I can only advise people to stick to Potter Puppet Pals.


  • 7th Nov 09
Oh, that's mature...I may vehemently disagree with this review of an amazing show, but really "fuck you"?

Wow...are you really that threatened by a negative review?
  • 15th Nov 09
Dude, the joke in Potter Puppet Pals is that Dumbledore gets naked and Harry's a prick. And you think that's much better than AVPM?
  • wellinever
  • 15th Nov 09
Okay, okay, settle down. Man without a body is entitled to hisopinion and has explained why he came to that descision. That's what a review is meant to do. If you like the potter musical you still fully entitled to do that too.
  • 31st Mar 10
It seems to me that everyone needs to just calm down a little. This is an ONLINE REVIEW. The only people who have the right to act outraged are the people that the review is about. Personally, I strongly disagree with the review, but I'm not going to freak out and start throwing curse words around. Wellinever is completely right. Just chill out people!
  • 3rd Apr 10
lol, this is funny. i dont agree with the review,but still...dont overreact.
  • 29th Jun 10
There is no law forcing people to like AVPM. The author is perfectly allowed to dislike it AND say it out loud. He made the effort of argumenting his dislike.

I like AVPM and I'm ashamed of being a fan since apparently the first counter argument from a fan was the F-word. Can't this comment be removed ?
  • 5th Aug 10
I don't mean to be rude, but I completely disagree with your review. For one thing, you tell people to stick to Potter Puppet Pals, and your reasons are the jokes and the Americanitis in this show. Potter Puppet Pals has just as bad Americanitis as A Very Potter Musical, and the jokes are pretty similar if you think about it (example: Harry's character is relatively the same, self absorbed to some extent and angsty). Many of the jokes have also nearly become catch phrases for fans of the series who see the musical (example: "What the hell is a Hufflepuff"). Though I know you are entitled to your opinion, this is just why I personally don't agree with it.
  • tenderlumpling
  • 13th Aug 10
I would like to point out, regarding the Americanitis: It's part of the joke. I didn't think it could be a more obvious joke, but apparently I was wrong. (It also seems that A Man Without A Body is British, so he might have gotten the joke but just regards Americanizing British works as too old to be funny anymore.)

But really, the first reaction to this review was an F-bomb?! ...That's too stupid for words.
  • Haldo
  • 6th Nov 10
What I took away from this review is "don't watch AVPM if you're not a fan of the Harry Potter books." Guess that means I should skip it, since I've been avoiding those books for all 15 years of my life.
  • ronasokily
  • 14th Apr 11
Haldo, may I ask why you're avoiding the books, right?
  • cupcakeattack7
  • 11th May 11
Even though i loved the movie i can see where your coming from just not all people like that kind of humor but, if your honestly saying ppp has a better plot excuse me for my crude language but what the fuck man. The lowest thing is avpm and ppp have just as good plots if avpm is not better so really if your going to hate avpm shut the heck up about ppp. And a note i don't hate PPP just in case if some of you are wondering.
  • claystripe6514
  • 13th Jul 11
Totally disagree, but you're certainly entitled to your opinion.
  • duskdragon
  • 23rd Aug 11
I disagree but I see the reviewers point. As someone who never read the books but had watched some movies i found it enjoyable and made me want to get more invested in the franchise but there were a lot of jokes that revolved around people knowing what happens in the books. In any case it was still an enjoyable experience and I think that if someone doesn't take it too seriously they'll still get a kick out of the musical for the music if not for anything else.
  • itsyourfault
  • 14th Jan 12
bemused... you prick
  • Roo
  • 4th Feb 13
Possibly uniquely, I actually agree with the reviewer — my reaction to this musical when I tried watching it was an overwhelming "meh," and whenever people talk about how great AVPM is I always think "did we watch the same thing?"

There were some good performances and a couple of marginally interesting ideas — the Quirrel/Voldemort romance was kind of nice, and the simplification of the Triwizard Tournament by making it an inter-House competition and thereby eliminating the Durmstrang/Beauxbatons school was probably the best idea the musical had; it made the entire thing more personal and upped the rivalry between Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy and the sexual tension between Harry and Cho Chang.

But, such praises aside, what really struck me is how much of this musical seems ripped off of bad fanfiction. So many fanfic cliches that have annoyed me over the years are here and present: Malfoy loves Hermione, Ron is a jerk, Hufflepuff is overlooked because it's a boring house, and Hogwarts is pretty much an American high school rather than a British boarding school — and Harry Potter himself is an all-out American teenager. You might argue that this is the point, but I still find it incredibly tedious.

My main beef with it, though, is that I just don't find it funny. At all. Most of the jokes are too obvious, too cheap, and too much like what passes for comedy among fanfic writers on sugar high. So I didn't bother with the fllow-ups.

(As for Potter Puppet Pals: Yeah, they're no more mature, but the saving grace of PPP is that the installments are short, and are more skits than trying to do a story — so the jokes don't have the time to get tedious.)

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