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Reviews Comments: I might be alone on this one, but... Family Guy season review by BNJC 1

I personally believe that Season 9 was fantastic. The series' touching moments have returned, the lack thereof being one reason that certain fans ignore the post-revival episodes. The plots are excellent, especially episodes like The Big Bang Theory (Where Brian and Stewie accidentally create the universe) or And Then There Were Fewer (A wonderful murder mystery homage). Pretty much episode gets in a good amount of laughs. Plus, the animation's in Widescreen now, which looks quite good. Season 8 was picking up the pieces from the diatribe-filled, unfunny Season 7, but this season proved that the show was finally back. A damned fine season of good plots (especially for a gag-based show like this), funny jokes, and now, better animation.


  • Beyondnor
  • 12th Jun 11
I honestly haven't seen too much of Season 9, but I have to say the Season Premiere murder one was spectacular. The sign of it actually being good was evident fro the beginning, forgoing the opening sequence for a dialogue-free soft music montage of the car driving to the mansion. I have to say, that was really really great. I'll look into more of the Season 9 stuff, because it could just seem better considering what preceded it. But I hope it really is all good.

  • HappyMan
  • 13th Jun 11
You're not alone, trust me.

I always said that the Family Guy fanbase isn't as unpleasable as most people think, it's just that, in the past years, Family Guy was plain horrible and unfunny. But this season, like the reviewer said, was excellent. There was much more Meg and Chris, Brian and Stewie's flanderization was toned down, and the plots were much better.

On a different note, many people complained that this season had too much drama and too little humor. Well, if they're better at doing drama than humor, I don't care, especially since the humor in the last seasons was nothing but rape jokes and 9-11 references.

Oh, and for Beyondnor, the first few episodes (excluding the wonderful premiere) are a bit crappy, but don't worry, the season grows the bear after the Christmas special.
  • Ntroper
  • 13th Jun 11
Definititely not alone, pal. Season 9 put FG back on the rails. The whole season had good episodes, the flanderization was toned down a bit and the plots where great. I'd say more but Happy Man has already said everything that needed to be said here.

Let's just wait to see Season 10 has in store for us.

  • BNJC1
  • 14th Jun 11
Seems to me that Season 10 will be continuing towards the "upward path". The one where they go back to the pilot oughta make for some funny Self-Deprecation humor, as well as references to Flanderization. Then there's the ones with no descriptions but with interesting titles that seem to be more drama-based, like "Tom Tucker: A Man And His Dream", "Screams of Silence: The Story of Brenda Q", "Livin' On A Prayer, "or "Quagmire Kidnaps Lois." The one where Meg turns 18 then Quagmire comes in might "redeem" the Meg bashing that some people have been bitching about. (I gotta be honest with this one. People have been going off about how Meg doesn't deserve the stuff she gets, but she's a CARTOON. Who cares?!)

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