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Reviews Comments: Moviebob: "Professional" Movie Critic Moviebob whole series review by Classic Cap

Whether you hate him or like him one must admit when he has an opinion/argument he remains strong in his resolve to not only defend it, but to go down fighting if necessary. Chipman has a great understanding of cinema and often showcases said knowledge with insightful background information and history of a film or production. Overall, Moviebob often shows a love for film combined with his opinions to make an interesting individual. The price? The right to be called a professional, which he is most definitely not.

Understand this: critic's are entitled to their opinions and that's all they are, opinions. Not to Bob, it seems many years ago he took several opinions and walled them into his mind with the intent of locking them away never to be harmed/questioned/judged by opposing viewpoints. Now what's wrong with strong opinions? Nothing, we should respect other peoples' viewpoints even if they go against our own, it's a part of life; this is the main argument for Bob's fans saying, "They're his opinions and we should respect that." The problem? Bob is not a believer in showing respect/tolerance for differing opinions. Instead he openly insults others including his fans for having said opinions (with a particular amount of hatred towards Christianity and it's believers) that disagree with his own, whether political, religious, or liking/disliking a film he likes/hates.

What's worse is if he says something questionable in his videos and Escapees post their arguments/concern in the comments section he chooses to mock them in his following video/column with pictures equating them to Bill & Ted, Ogre (Revenge of the Nerds), crying infants, and angry mobs all the while choosing to repeat their viewpoints/arguments in a mocking tone similar to a child.

Finally his opinions for liking/disliking movies are often based on a deep-seated hatred towards the subject matter, personal grudges, or if there's female nudity (Watch following examples: Book of Eli, Expendables, Centurion, Paul, and Scream 4). There's a saying, "arrogance has to be earned," and watching his videos and reading his columns/blog, Bob shows a firm belief that his biases/opinions are a gift unto an ignorant world.

When watching him it's important to take liberal amounts of salt to avoid asphyxiation from the delusions of this self-proclaimed "professional."


  • chreen
  • 16th Jun 11
Honestly, when your review of Black Swan is just "OH THERE'S LESBIANS OH THERE'S LESBIANS OH'S THERE'S LESEBIANS" for nearly a whole review, you fucking suck as a film critic.
  • MachineMan1992
  • 23rd Jun 11
I think he's trying to emulate being a fanboy while also being a professional. It doesn't work.
  • Grimace
  • 24th Jun 11
It's a shame really - I was really pleased when I first found out about him on the Escapist, but has seem to have recently fallen in love with his own viewpoint. For example, he simply will not shut up about the Transformers films. I mean, they are crap in my opinion, but the phrase "beating a dead horse" comes to mind. There was also his opening of the Cars 2 review...which had an "obituary" for the Green Lantern film that he'd savaged the prior week. Ok, it was a bit of a letdown, but seriously? We get it. You didn't like it.

Ahh well, that's the internet for you.

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