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Reviews Comments: On Stranger Tides: Not that bad. Pirates Of The Caribbean film/book review by Sour Jack

I am making this in response to the below review, having just seen this movie. It's actually not that bad.

It doesn't have the length of At World's End, and there are only three familiar faces from those last movies, but this in no way diminishes this film. The movie kept me guessing and interested as so few films do, so you certainly won't be bored or riffing it while watching it.

Indeed, Blackbeard is a typical bastard type villian, as was Barbossa in the Curse of the Black Pearl, pre-character development. Barbossa has monkey Jack in that movie, and Blackbeard has his hilarious sadism (flamethrower VERSUS nice boat, "Again!"), except for when it's not. On the other hand, the Spaniards seem to serve the same role as the English in the first movie, whereas Blackbeard and crew are the Barbossa of this movie, and Barbossa and Gibbs are the Jack and Will. Angelica is Elizabeth, and so on.

Honestly, it sounds like a Bond movie where it's the same plot with different villains every time. You've seen the first movie, you've seen this one, just with different actors, different script, and a different score. That in no way really diminishes it as a movie because, frankly, Depp IS fun to watch, and all the actors do a stellar performance. Jack is witty as he ever was, and he's the most expressive character in the movie.

I will have to admit that the cinematography is confusing, especially in the scene of the final showdown. It may have been due to time, but everything switches views to different fights and battles simply to show us, yes, this is a clusterfuck, but I wanted to see Blackbeard and his opponent duke it out for more than a few seconds, instead of cutting to Jack scrambling around as he always does. However, the Jack vs "Jack" scene, I thought, was well done That may have been because because there were only two elements to film, rather than a clusterfuck of them.

It's a Pirates movie. You like THESE pirates, yes? You'll go see it. Otherwise, you never even cared. Savvy?


  • Kerrah
  • 27th May 11
First of all, I'm kinda honoured that someone thinks my review demands a counterpoint. Thank you for that.

However, I think you've misread my review. I said the movie is good, and our final summaries are the exact same: If you want to go see another Pirates film, go see this one.
  • SourJack
  • 28th May 11
Probably is about the same. However, there's some things you said that, to my eyes, felt overstated. Mainly the bit about the cinematography. Not all of the cinematography is by Bob horrific, but the way you stated it sounds as though it was all completely terrible. Just a few select scenes.

Then again, I read your review literally five minutes before walking into the theater to see the movie, so I was like "Damn, I'm gonna be so confused when they start fighting." And then I watched it and went, "That was easy enough to follow, that guy said it was horrible."

I should probably add that I rarely actually watch movies, and this was the first movie I'd actually seen in a theater since At Worlds End. Yeah.
  • MusouMaster
  • 29th May 11
Personally I felt it was a stronger movie then At World's End (mind you I liked At World's End) but definitely a weaker film then the first two. Still as much as I enjoyed it, I really hope they don't attempt a 5th movie because 4 was already pushing it a little and I think a 5th could only go downhill.

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