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Reviews Comments: Tribe Twelve: from MH Lite to a series with bite. Tribe Twelve whole series review by Communist Beans

Tribe Twelve is a Slender Man video-based ARG, similar to Marble Hornets. In fact, it begins a bit too closely to Marble Hornets. The "I found old videos, I'll post them up" opening premise seems a little stale and the dialogue is a bit Narmful. However, the series starts improving after the "Tape Analysis" video. New and different elements give it its own unique tone and flavor, and the Nightmare Fuel is ramped up considerably after Noah records himself sleeping one night. At this point, a new variable is introduced and things start hitting way closer to home than Noah ever expected, resulting in a week-long takeover by the unnerving Observer character.

The characterization is a bit more noticeable than in MH; Noah's Formspring and Twitter showcase his snarkiness, which he admits is a coping mechanism of his. Milo is fairly interesting but nothing special. On the other hand, the Observer is one of the most intriguing parts of the series, especially during his/its takeover of Noah's accounts. His Formspring answers to viewers' inquiries bring up several new questions with each one answered, and we get to see a dark and bone-dry sense of humor that serves to make this character even more alien.

The series also has spectacular effects for the Slender Man himself; the waving tentacles are given just enough screen time to stake out a place in viewers' nightmares. The ultra-contrasted A Scanner Darkly-esque Observer videos are a terribly beautiful feast for the eyes and imply a more assertive threat than MH's comparatively cryptic and almost Riddler-like To The Ark videos.

However, the series has its lower points. Firstly, the opening does lack subtlety, essentially shouting YEP IT'S SLENDY TIME from the first video. Secondly, the acting is So Bad It's Good, with Noah being relatively the best. So Bad It's Good is not what you want in this sort of series. However, the series has enough goodness to make up for it.

All in all, this series is a great addition to the Slender Man mythos and deserves consideration.


  • Kuroma
  • 29th Aug 11
I pretty much consider The Observer the main villain rather than The Dragon. He makes the series.

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