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Reviews Comments: I liked it, but it has some problems. Starship whole series review by IJ Vin

My main complaint with the show is that Bug is a pretty bland character. It's definitely not Joey Richter's fault, since we've seen him play fantastic characters in the Potter musicals and Me And My Dick. Bug has no real personality beyond "wanting."

My second major complaint is that Jaime Lyn Beatty and Jim Povolo are criminally underused. I know I'm supposed to watch the puppets and not the performers, but whenever the Mosquito Brothers are onstage, indeed whenever Beatty is onstage at all, nothing else matters but her phenomenally expressive face. Povolo has always been the ensemble darkhorse of Team Star Kid, but here, he has only about six lines to showcase his beloved "Goyle" voice as Sweetheart Mosquito and the Overqueen is funny only occasionally.

I understand the addition of laser beams, Mega-Girl's whirring sound effects and record scratches for the Internet release, but it kinda-sorta takes away from the "stage" aspect of it.

That being said, Dylan Saunders and Brian Holden surprised me with their impressive singing voices. Yes, fangirls, Lupin can sing. I'm also very impressed by the newcomers Brant Cox (Roach), Denise Donovan (February) and especially Meredith Stepien (Mega-Girl). Stepien is absolutely brilliant in her delivery, movement and facial expressions: "Step off skank, you do not know me." Donovan's February has been getting a lot of flack for being a one-dimensional ditz, but I honestly don't mind that. What I mind is Bug suddenly deciding that he's in love with her, but that's more of a Bug-related complaint than a February-related one.

And of course, the puppets are incredible, especially Pincer, who now sings my new favorite villain song.


  • HikartiFlutist
  • 20th Aug 11
Bug is a parody of Ariel from Disney's The Little Mermaid. All Ariel did was want, too. His relationship with February is based on the one Ariel had with Eric. She was the first Human he saw, so he fell in love with her. Ditto Ariel/Eric. In fact, Ditto Edward/Bella. In fact, ditto nearly every paranormal romance. Bug and February are meant to parody those types of supernatural relationships, with no build up, in the most over-the-top-way they can. In fact, it's BECAUSE they're not the same race that they love the person. It's BECAUSE she's human that he loves her. He never interacts with Taz, Specs, or Mega-Girl directly, so he couldn't fall in love with them anyway. They'll talk to him, but he never talks to them. Like when Specs is talking about how he's wearing a uniform from 18 years ago, before he can reply, Up starts talking. They talk about how he saved their lives, ending in I believe Taz, but before Bug speaks, February swings in. Before Bug can reply to any questions the other three girls have, Up, Krayonder, Tootsie, February, or Junior cut in.

I find I like Jaime's voice much better when she's not singing a lead. Her backing vocals on "Kick It Up A Notch" were phenomenal. I do agree about Jim, though. I'd like to hear more from him, it's almost like it's a Running Gag that he's so background. I was actually shocked by how amazing Dylan and Brian were, since they didn't get to sing seriously in the Potter musicals. "Kick It Up A Notch" and it's reprise are absolutely amazing.

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