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Reviews Comments: The colors burn my eyes, man. The Problem Solverz whole series review by Calamity Jane

The biggest problem I see with this show, is not because of the personalities of the characters, or the writing, or the way the voices are done, or the music, or the humor. It's the colodrs.

The colors and the way it's presented just clash so horrendously and terribly that you can't take it seriously, at least not without getting an enormous headache. The art style feels very flat and devoid of life, and sometimes the other aspects of the show try too hard to make up for it. I've tried watching the show with my eyes open, and I found that the art style just doesn't feel right, and that there's no depth, the gradients are there for no reason other than they're gradients, and the colors are so saturated and clashing that you can't tell what's in front or in back unless it's obscuring something, and even then it feels more like an article of clothing than something that's supposed to be in front.

But then I tried watching the show with my eyes closed, and things got interesting. When I listened to the show instead of watching, I could tell there was something cool. The problems that they go at are pretty dull at first, but then they start to get really cool and bizarre later on. I've only seen the beginnings to most of the shows, however, so I don't know how many of the episodes end, but I can't say that I don't care about what happens at the end. The first ending I saw, they fight against a monster at the End of Time. I thought that was pretty fun, and not unlike an episode of Regular Show.

But the colors. Just... gah. If only this show had a different art style, then maybe things would work out better for it. If it followed the conventions that other shows used to be appealing to the eye, such as repeating colors and making things that are further away darker or lighter depending on the mood and the lighting, then maybe people would be more willing to give it a chance. I honestly can't fathom why any producer in their right mind would let a show with such terrible colors get produced.

In the end, this show has lots of potential. It's just not something that you would physically enjoy watching.


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