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Reviews Comments: Wait what? This book was awesome The Forerunner Saga film/book review by Crossfire 64

Really? The only review is that guy? There were plenty of elements of the forerunner flood war in it, and if those didn't satisfy you go and read the marathon logs from Halo 3. It revealed SO MUCH about the Halo story. Just about the humans alone is enough to set you thinking for hours about everything that goes on in the series. So many things make sense now that didn't before. Honestly the books not supposed to be by Eric Nylund, so it doesn't have the epic space battles he writes. So what, the amazing amount of information and intellectual stimulation should be more than enough to make up for it.


  • EndlessSea
  • 14th Jul 12
IMO, it'd be a lot better if it didn't contradict information Bungie gave us in Iris and the Halo 3 terminals. Of course, this is going off of summaries of the book I've seen so far, so make of that what you will.
  • Tuckerscreator
  • 14th Jul 12
Broad Strokes, Endless Sea. Broad Strokes.
  • OrKuunArQenByundis
  • 17th Jul 12
To be honest, with more information given in Primordium, it's becoming clear that the Terminal canon and Saga canon are not mutually exclusive. Depends on what happens in Silentium, but I can see clear connection.

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