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Tropers: Or Kuun Ar Qen Byundis
"Never Enough."

A Grey Sun Veiled By Dark Clouds on a Cold Wind, Forlorn-Under-Stars, Lord of the Red Ring, the Grey Knight, Borne-By-Storms.

A world-builder and writer who enjoys good company, comedy, and heaping long, meaningful titles upon himself.

Keeps company with a group of girls who are definitely not his harem.

Writing Project: The World of Pillar and the Song of Borne-By-Storms

A literary project I've been working on for some time. Using this page to see how it looks, organize information, etc.

Pillar is a world inhabited by the Masterkind, humanlike beings with many different races spread all across the earth. Here follows a list of their different nations and the characters associated:

     The Masterkind 

The Masterkind

The reigning sentient life on Pillar, builders of cities, forgers of weapons, wagers of war.

Divided into several races:

  • Greyskins: One of the more common races, originating in the Land of Metal, often credited with being the creators of the first major civilization. They possess grey skin and black hair; their faces are long and squared, bodies lean and strong; their fur is black and covers much of their body, with large manes on their shoulders, chest, and back; their eyes are red, although yellow-gold is uncommon.
  • Snowskins: Native to the Land of Leaves west of the Green Sea, with a second nation formed by exiles called the Land of Lost Leaves to the east. They possess blank white skin, with straight black hair; their faces are rounded with tapered features, and their bodies are slim; their fur is black and thin, and covers their bodies in thin patches; their eyes are blue or green.
  • Redmen: One of the most physically imposing races, hailing from the Bloodland, a large peninsula jutting out into the northeast of the Storm Sea. Arguably the most bloodthirsty, hot-blooded races, though they give good cause for the claim. They possess white skin, with black stripes crisscrossing it and black rings about the eyes, and their hair is dark red (or less commonly, black) and shaggy; their features are rugged and their bodies muscular; their fur covers a good portion of their bodies, with great manes about the shoulders, neck, and back; their eyes are green or uncommonly, red.
  • Albinos: A race originating in the mountains and fields of the Land of Stone. They possess white skin and curly white or grey hair; their features are thick and square; their fur is sparse and thin (especially around the face); their eyes are red or blue.

Tropes Related to the Masterkind

  • Masterkind Are Warriors: Played straight, averted, subverted, etc. They're very humanistic in such regards.
  • Meaningful Name: A common theme amongst the various cultures is changing ones name to reflect life changes.
  • Name That Unfolds Like Lotus Blossom: Their naming conventions follow these patterns, more or less.
    • Some, such as the Redmen of the Bloodland, have more simplistic names such as Stormwind or Starlight Shining.
    • Others, such as the Greyskins and Snowskins of the Land of Metal, have much more elaborate names, such as Pillar of Iron Stands Firm Before the Storm; such names often express either some subtle meaning.
  • Rubber-Forehead People/Humanoid People: Something between the two:
    • The Masterkind skin colors are in the white and black spectrum, rather than brown. Some possess blank white skin, some pitch black, some have black stripes or waves, some white.
    • Besides the hair on their head, which covers most of the forehead and cheeks as well as the scalp, they possess fur which, depending on the race, may cover the back of the arms, front of the legs, and grow in thick manes down the neck and over the shoulders, chest, and back.
    • They have three fingers and two thumbs on each hand, with a thumb on each side. They are not tipped with nails, but instead end in a material that can soften or harden depending on how they are flexed, allowing for a normal touch at most times, but providing sharp claws when needed. The hands and fingers tend to be slightly bigger and longer proportionally than humans'.
    • Their feet do not possess toes, but the bone structure allows for indistinguishable balance.
    • Hair colors in the black-white spectrum are most common, but other colors can be found.
    • Their teeth are generally sharper, with slightly larger, longer canines.
    • What would be the whites of their eyes are black, and both iris and pupil are colored, often in patterns.
    • Their voices contain layers, akin to Voice of the Legion. Their languages would be extremely difficult, if not downright impossible, for humans to pronounce, since most of them involve weaving such layers together in complex sounds. Like with animals, emotion and meaning are woven into very subtle tones in the voice, and also like animals, growls, hisses, snarls, and other such noises are commonly used. Males, especially, are capable of thunderous roars that may carry for miles, and are especially useful in battle, where instruction may be laced in their more subtle notes.
  • Technicolor Eyes: Comes in shades of red, blue, yellow, green, gray, and white.

Lands and Nations

     The Land of Metal 

An ancient land that has seen the rise of several powerful dynasties, rumored to be the birthplace of civilization. Stretching from the Green Sea in the east, to the Storm Sea in the west, and filled with bountiful forests, fertile fields, wide rivers, and great mountains, with hundreds of mines churning out many tons of valuable ore, this rumor is not without merit. The race called the Greyskins originated in this land.

The Iron Dominion

The most recent great civilization to rise in the Land of Metal, and the most expansive. At its height it stretched from the Green Sea to the Storm Sea, across the Thorny Isthmus and the Gulf of Stars to the peninsula known as Ashland to the south, to the border of the Land of Stone in the north (of which it made slow, steady conquest before its end). Despite tactics and policies ensuring nigh-invulnerability toward invasion, it fell to civil war amongst its powerful warlords, leading to a fracturing into dozens of effective city-states. After these were reconciled years later, the cities begin to reknit and rebuild into what would become known as the Iron Remnant.

Tropes Related to the Iron Dominion

  • After the End: The Dominion's fall didn't stop just at their Civil War. While scattered, weakened by disunity, and impoverished of food and supplies, Redmen raiders from the Bloodland across the Storm Sea began battering away at the eastern coast, the city-states of the Land of Stone reclaimed much of their land, and fleets of Snowskin exiles from across the Green Sea began to carve out what would become the Land of Lost Leaves in the west. The result was a much-reduced border, with nearly a third of their land taken up by the new Land of Lost Leaves alone. The Iron Remnant still treats their era as this trope, even 600 years after, believing they will one day rule again. The wiser citizens hold serious doubts.
  • Citadel City: One key to their strength was their policy of constructing each city like a fortress. In fact, their armies would only progress further after their most recent advancements were sown with one or two of them. While it made for very slow progress, they were nigh-invulnerable to invasion because of it.
  • Civil War: What finally managed to bring the Dominion to its knees. Strife between the fortress-cities and their powerful warlords grew into open conflict, with each lord aspiring to rule. After years of conflict, the royal family was dead, many cities lay in ruin, and the warlords and their followers were forced to cease hostilities toward each other when the threat of starvation loomed. The end result was the dissolution of the strongest dynasty ever created, having split into dozens of impoverished city states held by rival lords.
  • My Country, Right or Wrong: Held this view. It worked well when their country was fighting (and bowling through) foreign enemies, but the ideal broke down when the country fought itself.
  • Order Versus Chaos: On the far end of the spectrum favoring Order. History has only solidified the mindset in the Remnant: no enemy stood against the unyielding discipline of the Iron Dominion's armies, but as soon as the realm fractured, the much more chaotic Redmen began overrunning the east, while the more unified Snowskin exiles and Albino city-states claimed and reclaimed footholds in the west and north as well.
  • Proud Warrior Race Guy: A good portion of the male population were members of the military, and even those that weren't were imbued with a strong fighting spirit and often given at least rudimentary combat training.

Tropes Related to the Iron Remnant:

  • After the End: Of the original Iron Dominion. Technology has advanced, especially within the military realms, but all in all the unprecedented success of the Iron Dominion casts a noticeable shadow over the smaller, less prominent world-wise Iron Remnant.
  • Arch-Enemy: Sees the Land of Lost Leaves as this. Ever since they wrested their territory away from the fallen Dominion, the two have fought dozens of wars, great and minor. The fact that the Remnant has not obliterated their enemy as the Iron Dominion would have is a constant source of frustration and anger, driving them to resent the Lost Leaves with a passion.The Lost Leaves themselves are split between viewing them likewise (for all the devastating wars started over contrived or petty reasons) and wanting to just be left alone.
  • How the Mighty Have Fallen: Although there's still an attitude of superiority held by its citizens, it has been noted that beneath it all is the awareness that they aren't nearly as powerful as they were before the Civil War.
  • Pride: Disproportionately in regard to their military might. They're in denial that the rest of the world has caught up.
  • Zeppelins from Another World: Armored airships are prominent within the military; several fleets are present within the Remnants military.


Associated with the Iron Dominion and its Remnant:


Born A Grey Sun Veiled by Dark Clouds on a Cold Wind

A tall warrior with a long face, set with eyes like sunlit gold, possessing a neat mane of black from crown to nape and chest, whose lean body is bound nonetheless in steel muscle.

A Greyskin warrior, the primary character through which the world of Pillar is introduced. Born to a sometimes-prostitute, fathered by an unknown client, named A Grey Sun Veiled by Dark Clouds on a Cold Wind upon his birth. He spent his childhood wandering the streets of the City of the Horde, a poor, dirty, sprawling town populated by the lowest of the low, where clean water is scarce and food scarcer. After an encounter with a knight of the Iron Wolves Warrior Guild, however, and the destruction of his home and possible death of his neglectful mother, he resolved to enter the guild's service and leave Horde.

Once he is established as a novice in the guild, he begins to educate and train himself, quickly becoming one of the top apprentices. After studying aspects of the Great Pantheon, he becomes an adherent to the Lord Knight, a god of war, nobility, and honor, distinguishing himself from the majority of his fellow warriors, who respect the Red King, a more violent and bloodthirsty god of war. Soon after he reaches adulthood some years later, a war breaks out between the Iron Remnant and the Land of Lost Leaves, in which he swiftly rises through the ranks to become a Special Operations Commander.

  • Action Survivor: As a child in the City of the Horde, the disadvantages of his youth forced him to be this. At most he was forced to turn to a makeshift shiv, but he never stood to fight. He grew out of it when he... grew.
  • Badass: Through relentless training, Grey Sun became a Master Swordsman, an expert marksman and gunfighter, and a master or thereabouts of several martial arts.
    • Badass Bookworm/ Genius Bruiser: Following the Lord Knight's doctrine, he not only trains his body, but his mind as well. As such, he is fluent in several languages, can survive for years in the wild via his knowledge of plants and animals, and is a bit of a history buff as well, besides knowing a great deal about a good many cultures and nations across the globe.
    • Badass Cape: Not a full-blown robe, but his full-body armored suit features short, flowing black-cloth pieces in several places, in part for silence and camouflage. The effect is similar to a cape, but it doesn't get in the way as much.
    • Badass In Charge/ Submissive Badass: A complicated mix. Although he is technically of top-tier rank and has led soldiers in dozens of successful missions, he considers himself a follower at heart, since he really has no motivation to fight beyond a feeling of obligation toward the guild and a "what else am I going to do?" attitude. In short, he can become a Badass In Charge, but only if he's a Submissive Badass first.
    • Cultured Badass: As per the doctrine knights are expected to follow.
  • Beware the Quiet Ones: He won't talk any more than is necessary, and there are very few who are as skilled warriors or tacticians as he is.
  • Broken Pedestal: Begins suffering from this during the war. The Knight in Shining Armor that inspired him to follow his example revealed some negative aspects in the primarily race-driven conflict, poisoning and eroding his respect entirely away.
  • Heroic Bastard: His mother was a prostitute; his father "paid their board for a few weeks".
  • Knight in Sour Armor: He's cynical to the extreme. Years of surviving as a Street Urchin on a Wretched Hive already made a negative impression upon him; years of open warfare motivated primarily by racial hate, and the atrocities he witnessed as a result, pushed him even farther until he was a step away from an Empty Shell. However...
  • Knight in Shining Armor: He lives up to every aspect of a knight, unintentionally living out several stories that parallel legends of the Lord Knight, and makes peace with his troubles in his own way.
  • Lightning Bruiser: As fast as he is strong.
  • One-Man Army: He's very, very good at what he does.
  • The Philosopher: Spends inordinate amounts of time just thinking. Helps that he spends more and more time retreated inside himself (for a very negative definition of "help").
  • Martial Pacifist: Despite the fact that he's incredibly good at it, he absolutely detests war and fighting. He only really does it because he subconsciously fears the life of nothing he led as a child, and has had an obligation toward his country and guild drilled into him.
  • Shell-Shocked Veteran: He was already somewhat broken from his early life as a Street Urchin and the dangers it entailed; warfare made it all the more worse.
  • The Stoic: Never talked much, nor showed much emotion. His experiences in war closed the door completely and sealed it with cement.
  • War Is Hell: Believes this.
  • Warrior Poet: As a knight, he is encouraged to take up some form of art, with poetry being the most recommended. He often sits down to write, only to stare blankly at the page. His internal eloquence makes up for it in its way, though.

     The Great Pantheon 

The Great Pantheon is the collection of deities worshipped by the Greyskins over the millenia. Hundreds, if not thousands, of deities, representing various aspects. These gods may be separated into two types: the mighty and influential Divines, and the lesser but more numerous and powerful Fay. The mythology of the Great Pantheon holds that the gods were created and instructed by a greater order, the Stars, who are themselves aspects of a greater being who makes up the entirety of the universe known as the Allfather.

The Lord Knight

"Tall and strong, clad in snowy steel shining with light and flowing with golden silk. A great white helm crowned in gold is set on his head; from under it flows a great black mane, and shine two eyes like glowing suns."

A Divine of great strength and influence, presiding over several aspects, including honor, honorable combat and warfare, nobility, good lordship, justice, and good husbandry. He is married to Fair Grace, another Divine goddess. His mortal foe is the Red King, with whom he wages constant warfare. Those who follow his ways are dubbed Knights.

He reigns in the Steel Keep over the Land of the Sun, a beautiful and prosperous realm of green, fertile fields and hills, deep and thriving woods and gardens, and tall rocky mountains capped with snow.

The Weeping Waif

"Small and thin, with a bony form and fingers, clad in dark rags, neither male nor female. With marble skin and long black hair, and devoid of a face beyond great eyes and dark and sad, weeping grey tears eternally on his cheeks."

A genderless god somewhere between Fay and Divine, representing and guarding the lost, fearful, tormented and orphaned. Said to keep those he rescues in an island covered in perpetual night and a deep forest, but lit bright by the moon and Stars; a quiet and safe land for rest and peace. He is a good friend and ally of the Lord Knight, who shares his mission. In fact, it is hinted that the goddess Fair Grace was an orphan girl rescued by the Waif, who set a trial in place to test the Lord Knight's worth and earn her for a wife. Also holds a deep hatred for the Red King, who represents a primary cause for the woes of his charges.

Associated with the Land of Lost Leaves


Shade of the Moon, Haven for the Storm

A young maiden several years into bloom, slim of waste and limb, with skin as white as fresh-fallen snow, hair as black as midnight, a tapered face that smiles with joy, and eyes as deep and blue as the boundless ocean or an early morning sky.

A young Snowskin female with a Mysterious Past, discovered by the Greyskin warrior Grey Sun in a great ruined city near the border of the Lost Leaf/Land of Metal border. Shade's origins are unknown, though some mysticism may be involved, since she recalls nothing of her early life and was found in good health and spirits by Grey Sun. After a lengthy Battle in the Center of the Mind in the dead city, Grey Sun took her into his protection and deserted the Land of Metal, fleeing with her from his homeland and hers to the Ashland to the south, to protect from racial hatred in its comparatively relaxed attitude towards such matters.

Haven represents several things to Grey Sun, who shortly after his ordeal took the name Borne-By-Storms. For one, as her name (also newly chosen) suggests, she represents a certain relaxation from the turmoil Borne feels. For another, she represents the vows he took as a Knight to protect the innocent and their happiness. Finally, their relationship steadily grows into a romance, becoming Borne's first (and only) loved one.

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