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Reviews Comments: Adorably fluffy. Boy Meets Boy whole series review by Lost Lenore

I did an Archive Binge over the past week or so, and I really enjoyed it. Initially, the comic focuses on Harley and Mikhael, a gay couple, and Harley's friends/bandmates Cyanide and Skids. However, it later expands to include several other characters, who are no less interesting. I was already aware of the existence of Friendly Hostility, the spinoff comic starring two of the newer characters, Fox and Collin, and basically none of the other characters which I am so fond of. So I was quite prepared to hate Fox and Collin when they came along... but I just couldn't. They were driven by the same spark that permeates the whole comic and makes it impossible to hate.

One issue I had was that the author switches between subplots almost randomly. I can understand that it would be hard to juggle three subplots (Harley/Mikhael, Fox/Collin and Skids and Tybalt), but it sometimes feels like the author is just going on a particularly long tangent.

Sure, I was a little disappointed that my OTP of Skids/Cyanide didn't end up together, but the way that the comic manages to resolve all of the pairings is still pretty damn heartwarming.

Just read it.


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