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Reviews Comments: Teen Titans Teen Titans whole series review by Planet Cool

This is, without a doubt, one of the finest animated series of the millenial decade. Unlike many other superhero cartoons on TV, this one doesn't take itself too seriously, nor does it expect you to be an expert on the source material (the Teen Titans comics from the 1980s by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez) going in. Even though it's a family-rated show, it never shies away from doing some very serious and profound episodes, using the tropes and clichés of the superhero genre and sci-fi in general to talk about themes that would be very difficult to convey with live action. It also has a big element of comedy, which helped this troper, who never really cared about superheroes, to accept this show and become a big fan.

The writing is clever and sophisticated, the characters are all well-developed and likeable, and even though some jokes fall a bit short of the mark, that doesn't diminish the series' sense of fun. If you're willing to accept the classic tropes of superheroes, this is a great series for any demographic. As of this writing, it runs on Boomerang, but the complete series is available on DVD. If you're into this kind of thing, or if you're looking for a good series to get your start on, I highly recommend Teen Titans.


  • Inkblot
  • 6th Aug 09
This show, along with The Sarah Jane Adventures, is proof that Lighter And Softer can be done well.
  • Mr. Lostman
  • 6th Aug 09
Eh, so-so. Then they did that god-awful movie.
  • awakenDeepBlue
  • 10th Oct 09
The show was inconsistent. It was aimed at a much younger audience, and it shows. However, there were some completely amazing episodes and the characterization was great.
  • 10th Oct 09
I'd like to give special mention to this show's Terra. The original Terra was an awful character ("Bottom line: she's just evil for no reason, even though we sort of established a reason early on with her being a king's illegimate daughter and all, and really there was no point to her other than to be a plot device, so ha ha to everyone who actually got attached to her!") In FIVE episodes, this show did Terra much better. Not dissing the original comics; much of it is good, but I NEVER liked the Terra deal, and I'm glad this show gave us an alternative.
  • A-l-e-x-99
  • 14th Feb 10
Can you edit reviews? Because you need to do something about those � marks that are showing up. Or maybe it's just me... ._.
  • InkNinja
  • 1st Jan 12
Thank you Planet Cool! Some of the other reviews have some mean things to say about this show, but you've finally given me the positive response I need! Because this was one of the first cartoons I saw, it really struck me hard that so many people had negative feelings about this thing. Because really, you can't take this too seriously because really, it's just a cartoon. Nonetheless, you've brought an unbiased, cheerful analysis to this great cartoon.

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