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Reviews Comments: Different, and really good. The Legend Of Zelda Majoras Mask game review by benefluence

My favorite Zelda game by a big margin, and a strong contender for my favorite game of all time.

I understand that some people don't like the 3 days system, but it's what makes the game unique. The characterization of NP Cs via daily schedules and the heavy sense of impending doom rely upon the 3 day system to function, and they set the atmosphere for making you care about saving the world in a way I've never seen anywhere else. The developers do everything they can to avoid forcing you to repeat tasks you've finished, and I don't think the system could have been done any better.

The focus is on the side quests, so there are only four dungeons, but they're all quite large, creative, distinctive, and well designed. I love that none of the bosses are 'apply dungeon item, then apply sword to weak point,' which is something I hated about TP. Goht in particular is brilliant.

Some players have Guide Dang It experiences regarding the sidequests, but there are many more hints in the game than most people realize. Talking to NP Cs with different masks, using the bombers' notebook and talking to the gossip stones can all be really informative. MM is, like other Zeldas, an exploratory game, but the exploration comes as much or more from the people of the world as it does from the physical environment, which is a welcome variation on what is otherwise a very formulaic series. Zelda games have always been better at characterization than they have at narrative, and MM plays on that strength to create an engaging, fun, and unique experince. Don't pass up an opportunity to play it.


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