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Reviews Comments: THE INCREASINGLY DISAPPOINTING SERIES THAT WAS WRITTEN BY DAVID CROSS The Increasingly Poor Decisions Of Todd Margaret season review by themelafant

I was pretty excited about watching this series because I have always enjoyed anything I've seen David Cross do, save for the kids' movies he just does for the money. I thought the downfall of the series was the title character. I didn't find Todd Margaret to have any redeeming qualities. I found him to be so unlikable that I just didn't care that bad things were happening. The entire premise of the show is that Todd Margaret gets these increasingly screwed situations that would turn around if he would just STOP LYING.


  • SeanPeden
  • 10th Jan 12
Completely Missing The Point?

He's an Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonist taken to its furthest extreme. Of course you aren't supposed to like him. Of course he makes horrible decisions and lies. It's in the title of the show.

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