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Reviews Comments: Vouching Vocally for a Veritable Vision of Vibrant Virtue VVVVVV game review by troacctid

I'm Vexatiously Vertiginous, Vying to Verbalize my Vast Veneration for this Visionary Vessel of Virtue. Villains may Vilify VVVVVV, Vociferously Voicing Vicious Vituperation. Avaunt! I Vehemently Veto their Vapid Vitriol, Vouching Vivaciously for the Innovative VVVVVV!

I Invite you to Visit it and Verify; your Vacillations will Vanish with Voluminous Velocity. Its only Vice is its Vacuity of Volume, but this Vies in Vain to Vitiate its Virtues.

Verdict: Voluptuous!


  • SilentDave
  • 14th Feb 11
  • 17th Feb 11
Very victorious.
  • SNDL
  • 8th May 11
  • mariofan1000
  • 26th Jul 11
I'm evil so i'm breaking the chain.
  • Torquey
  • 28th Jul 11
Villain! Violating the very voluptuous variegated v- ah fuck I can't find a synonym for chain - is very, very, vile!

Verily, did V visit this review?
  • troacctid
  • 4th Oct 11
^ Vinculum!*
  • TerminusEst13
  • 5th Oct 11
Excessive succinctness. Extensively exquisite, except for feeling exactly like an excerpt. Expulse brevity and exceed word counts, exploit your keyboard and examine what extraneous touches and features exult such exaltation. It will be exhausting, but the existence will be quite excellent.

Pardon the exuberance.

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