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Reviews Comments: A man's guide to Twilight Twilight whole series review by spiritsunami

I first learned of the Twilight series through a TIME Magazine review of Meyer's lone non-Twilight book, The Host, and thought that maybe a "non-traditional" romance novel would be perfect for the slightly embarrassed male romance fan such as myself. The whole "supernatural" aspect...didn't really play in that greatly in the early books, other than to make things weirder. I have yet to see the movie of Twilight, but I can imagine that it would only appeal to a select few, most of whom have already read the book.

But fear not, unwilling drag-alongs: It Gets Better.

Yes, while the Purple Prose never completely stops, the romance does get toned down in later volumes. Eclipse has an awesome war between the "evil" vampires and the combined forces of the good vampires and the werewolves that aren't actually real werewolves so much as people infused with wolf spirits that allow them to shapeshift, and Breaking Dawn has the vampires gearing up for an all-out vampire revolution, the rebels against the authority figures. Also, Breaking Dawn gives the everyman Unlucky Childhood Friend Jacob Black, who comes off as much more sympathetic than unrealistic female dream guy Edward Cullen, the happy ending he so richly deserves. Furthermore, it actually spends more time being a vampire novel than it does being a romance novel that happens to feature vampires—which is probably why the majority of the fanbase didn't like it as much as the others. I think that the last two books will actually make for movies that have Multiple Demographic Appeal, and if you can get through the first two (probably a tougher task for a non-romance fan than for a multi-genre fan like myself), the end will provide something that traditional fantasy fans can enjoy.

My Ratings
  • Twilight: 5/10
  • New Moon: 7/10
  • Eclipse: 9/10
  • Breaking Dawn: 9/10


  • Komodin
  • 3rd Jul 09
...Surely, you jest?
  • Desertopa
  • 4th Jul 09
I haven't read it myself, but I was under the impression that Breaking Dawn was almost universally reviled, standing in ignominious comparison even to Twilight.
  • Eaver
  • 23rd Jul 09
Breaking Dawn was the worst offender, in my opinion. Jacob Black gets a happy ending? He gets turned into a pedophile, and the little baby he's in love with is the worst Sue in the series. The side characters could be cool, but the book was too busy focusing on the continual lack of actual romance between Edward and Bella, as well as how special they both are.

And besides that, Breaking Dawn just disappointed everyone. Even the fans wanted to see a little action. The only difference is that the Antis would've loved excessive bloodshed on both sides, so that there was actually sacrifice. The writing is pretty awful, whether or not you like romance.
  • SevenOfDiamonds
  • 29th Jul 09
I thought as far as the actual writing style goes, Breaking Dawn was better, and I actually enjoyed it because it was just so cracktastic it almost crossed the line twice...up to the point where we found out about the imprinting. Honestly, I only go through because I convinced myself that in the future free choice wins and Jacob overcomes his imprinting despite the hotness of full-grown Nessie, and instead runs off with Leah to have snarky werewolf adventures.
  • 2nd Aug 09
Yeah, I don't think Jacob Black's free will being ripped away from him, making him live with a bunch of vampires he hated before pretty magic intervened, counts as a happy ending to anyone but romance nuts. I agree with Sevenof Diamonds, Jacob/Leah that was building in the beginning would've been a way better option. I can see your point about everything but that, really.
  • Morgie
  • 11th Feb 10
I loved Breaking Dawn. Bella was much, much less annyoing (even if she was a God Mode Sue).
  • 26th Nov 10
Dude, hand over your man card. Now.

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